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[[Category:Held Items]]
[[Category:Held Items]]
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[[Category:Generation III Items]]

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This article is related to a Pokémon item.
Blue Scarf
( あおいバンダナ Blue Bandanna )
Blue Scarf
Buy For:
Poké DollarCannot be bought
Sell For:
Poké Dollar50
No type

A Blue Scarf is an item introduced in Generation III that raises the power of Beauty moves in Pokémon Contests in the Hoenn region games and the Sinnoh region games.

A Blue Scarf can be found by the Chairman of Slateport City if the player shows him a Pokémon with high Beauty stats. In the Sinnoh region games, this item can be found by the Scarf Guy in Pastoria City if the player, like in Generation III, shows him a Pokémon with high Beauty stats.

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