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Blue captured his Pikachu at Viridian Forest in Chapter 4. Pikachu, even though it's strong, it's not used at battles very much by Blue because at Brock's gym, it didn't do any damage and in Lt. Surge's battle it didn't do much damage. Pikachu won for first time against the Team Rocket grunt on Route 24. The only time it won was at the battle with Lt. Surge where it beat his Magnemite. Also, it helped to win most water Pokémon and the also trainer Pidgeotto at St. Anne. Also, before its loss at Rock Tunnel, by Rock-type Pokémon, it defeated a Lass's Beedrill.

Moves used

Thundershock Chapter 4
Growl Chapter 5
Quick Attack Chapter 12
Thunderbolt Chapter 14
Thunder Wave (forgotten in Chapter 14 for Thunderbolt)

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