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Blue received his Ivysaur as Bulbasaur from his sister as he gave the promise he will train her starter first. It is his strongest Pokémon, from whom he received much help. As a Bulbasaur he tried hard to be as strong as it could. But when it evolved it wasn't hunting power but to help other Pokémon or its master. At the fight with Brock it defeated and the two Geodudes even if it lost at the first battle with Misty it later evolved. Then as it evolved it used Vine Whip twice and it hit it so hard that cause it amnesia and make it angry. Also it used it to defeat Lt. Surge's Raichu. Also, at Viridian Forest, as Bulbasaur it defeated easily many Pikachus and Caterpies, Metapods, Weedles and Kakunas. The same happened at Rock Tunnel when it defeated many Team Rocket grunts Pokémon.

This Pokémon spent 7 chapters as Bulbasaur.

Moves used

Tackle Chapter 2
Growl Chapter 2
Leech Seed Chapter 5
Vine Whip Chapter 5
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