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blues gloom
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Blue caught his Gloom as an Oddish in chapter 9. Oddish defeated many Pokémon across its journey, defeated many of Team Rocket's Pokémon, and beat many water Pokémon at S.S. Anne and Lt. Surge's Voltorb. It was a Gloom when it defeated Team Rocket's Pokémon and Lt.Surge's Voltorb. It was evolved at S.S. Anne. As an Oddish, it was unsure of itself and was at the begin kept out of its Poké Ball. But when it evolved to Gloom, it was trying to do its best. Gloom also seems to get along very well with Blue's Ivysaur.

This Pokémon spends 3 chapters as Oddish.

Absorb Chapter 9
Poison Powder Chapter 12
Sleep Powder Chapter 14
Cut Chapter 15
Stun Spore Forgotten for Cut in Chapter 15
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