• Tommaso Cappelli
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  • Bigpurplemuppet99

    Many of you may or may not know that when the original Pokemon Series aired (which was also when 4Kids distributed Pokemon by the way), there was a touring musical of the show called "Pokemon Live!". This featured some very interesting things in there that were not/probably semi-/ canon to anime. This feautre Pokeshipping being one-sided on Misty's side. Delia Ketchum, Ash's mother, use to date Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket, long before meeting Ash's father. Briefly, Team Rocket somehow finally captured Pikachu and show it to Giovanni too. And boy, I wonder what would happen if someone modernized and updated the musical to fit the standard of the current version of the anime.

    Recently since 2013, NBC has done live telecasts of musical…

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  • Fishmonkey11

    Hi everyone, I have a blog on Tumblr called "FusionTopia" in which I fuse 2-4 Pokemon from Gen 1-7.

    If you are interested in requesting, Leave a comment here. When you ask me when you want, It has to be 2-4 Pokemon from Gen 1-7.

    To learn about the fusions, Visit this link

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Ultra Beasts are pretty great right? I loved collecting them but honestly how we got them was kinda boring. Looker was like, "Ok Ultra Beasts are attacking this area full of people." But no one panics or leaves the area, no one even says, "Hey, this weird creature was flying around not far from here." I mean Ultra Beasts are supposed to be a threat, they don't have to hurt people just have them frighten someone. So I thought of a way to make this more interesting, this might sound weird but have two Ultra Beasts, weather they're new or not, reenact Destiny Deoxys! It won't be the same of course I mean for one there's no berserk Pokemon attacking them. Imagine, you come home from becoming the champion and when you get home the news says, "A…

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  • Supersamus

    10. Magikarp

    The idea of a completely useless and stupid Pokemon is actually pretty interesting if you think of it. Most people would think of Magikarp as a disgrase to the Pokemon world, but I actually find it to be a hilarious Pokemon since all it does is splash and flop. I don't play Magikarp Jump all the time, but when I do, I just decorate my pond all the time.

    When Magikarp evolves, it becomes useful and reliable. That's because at level 20, it becomes Gyarados, a really powerful and awesome Pokemon. Becoming from incredilbly weak to incredibly powerful, Gyarados is a very fierce Pokemon who is not only great in battles, but also has a Mega Evolution.

    9. Druddigon

    By far the most underappreciated Pokemon, Druddigon is pretty cool not onl…

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  • I Flying Penguin

    So I was making Pokémon Fusions when I had discovered this:

    Afterwards, I just had to draw public attention to it.

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Me again as BlazeSeed366 and a Pokemon GO master. Since update, you can fight in raid mode so that you can team up with others to deal with a boss Pokemon. They have four types of bosses to deal with in Raid Mode but it's going to close every night.

    1. Easy- a type of boss fight is easier to kill and captured and you might able to fight the boss in solo if you wanted to get rare candies. The symbol of the raid boss is one.

    2. Medium- a type of boss fight is normal difficulty and you might need some back up to fight. The symbol of the raid boss is two.

    3. Hard- a type of boss fight takes on a harder situations if a raid boss has higher endurance. You need more back up to deal its endurance despite you can fight either both advantage and disadv…

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  • JoeJoeTheAnimator

    These Are Legendary Types But They Are Not Types Of Legndary Is Coming Soon. Cost Is Not Available For Gameslol. Pokemon Groudon And Kyogre Are Primaly Not Difficulty. Kyogre Swims In Water Places For Types Of Legendary Pokemon. Groudon Runs Out Of Fire Places For Types Of Legendary Pokemon. Latias And Latios Are Mega Evolutions Because Latie Is Not A Legendary Pokemon. Rayquaza Is A Mega Evolution Dragons That Can Fly Places For Types Of Legendary Pokemon. Deltang Is A Legendary Pokemon Primal Places For Types Of Legendary Pokemon. Deoxys Is A Legendary Pokemon Because Fuligin Is Not A Legendary Pokemon. Deoxys Has Attack Forme, Defense Forme, And Speed Forme. Luiga And Ho-Oh Are Same Types Of Legendary Types Are Of Kyogre And Groudon Are…

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  • RainbowHeroine36

    My blog

    May 29, 2017 by RainbowHeroine36
    It is a long time since I started doing this! Anywho, I'd love to see new edits! (P.S.: Please never ever EVER delete that picture of Lollipop. Thank you.) Read more >
  • Theminecrat

    Pokémon has been a great bog thing. I love it, you love it. But have you thought things to change in Pokémon

    Golduck is a water type. Looking at its red gem I thought it was psychic but I was wrong 

    Charizard Y should haven't even been made. It just has a new look and dosen't change it type at all. 

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  • FourSevensRiolu

    It needs to be deleted! I can make a much better wiki than this. I'll be adding to other wikis instead. I QUIT THIS PLACE!!!

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  • Jaymiller923

    I'm playing as a male, I'm using my Nintendo Network Id Name as my name. I selected pokemon #001, and it  selected me to.

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  • Ma4son5


    May 12, 2017 by Ma4son5

    time to catch them all

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  • BlazeSeed366

    This is BlazeSeed366 and I'm currently played Pokémon GO in my place in the Philippines.

    I have plenty of tips when you play Pokémon GO. Although, millions of players have dropped from the game.

    1. If you were a commuter or sometimes hanging out with your family to drive some place when the car is moving. You have to activate the game via mobile data simultenously so that your character could run so fast if you want to get some meters from the egg or your Pokémon partner then turn it off the mobile data once the car stops or continues to move then activate the mobile data again. However, there is a limit when the car you rode is faster you can't get items in the Pokéstop it will show try again later.

    2. When capturing Pokémon, some Pokémon ha…

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  • Feather the Everywing

    I've known Pokemon for about 6 years of my life, but in that short time, I've truly grown to love Pokemon, especially the anime.

    What I am dissapointed about now, is of the current style of Pokemon. It's too millenial, and has flaws on its style. The old fashion style had a sense of origionality that I've only seen in Steven Universe, which is a very good show that has been around for the last three years. 

    The creators don't need to look to the present, but to the past, to find the gold of the Pokemon we all know and love. The one who never tried to stay with the present, but kept it's own pace.

    There are some people starting to watch Pokemon who would disagree with me. But it's the honest truth, and I can assure you many would back up my po…

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  • Rystrouse renewed

    Until now, the Sun and Moon series must the latest Pokemon series.

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  • Ashcant

    Ashtyn Sylaar

    May 6, 2017 by Ashcant
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  • Steamcrusader

    mine would be a ground-type triathalon, drawing inspiration from HG/SS and the gen-4 anime.

    you are given a completely random pokemon to ride, in order to ctch up to a speeding dust cloud which turns out to be a rhyhorn which you then battle. in this area, you have a chance of getting an abra, which will teleport you straight to the rhyhorn. next is a water area, were you are given a random searide pokemon to catch up to a speeding jet of water which turns out to be a marstomp.

    finally, you reach land, and run alongside a random pokemon from your party to catch TOTEM RHYDON running in front of you. it will call a geodude to aid it in battle.

    I know all the pokemon here are 4x weak to grass, but whatevs.

    post what your pokemon trial would be li…

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  • Kittystyler

    By far the Sun and Moon anime has the same as they done in the past but i'am hopeing it will get serious as the season progeress also do you guess think Ash will travel to the rest of the islands and get the other Z-Crystal. Why hasn't the aether foundation shown up yet or the Ultra Beast also how come Ash's other classmates caught other Pokemon yet.

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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Shadow Pokemon

    April 28, 2017 by Steven Bomb 17

    I've been thinking about Shadow Pokemon and Nihilego lately. Now I know that Nihilego came after the Shadow Pokemon where made but this is an in universe theory so we can pretend that little rule doesn't exist. So there was something that didn't make sense to me about Shadow Pokemon, now I can believe that closing a Pokemon's heart might cause a dark aura and will make that Pokemon lash out at everyone. But why does it give shadow moves? These are moves that can hurt every type but why do shadow Pokemon gain them? Well let's look at Nihilego, these Ultra Beasts can bring out the full potential in anyone who it injects with neurotoxins. What if one got through an Ultra Wormhole and Cipher found it? They discover the neurotoxins can help wit…

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  • Rystrouse renewed

    The closing resembles a look of the yokai opening and closing.

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  • Dawn Darkness

    ~~Contains Spoilers. Read at your own risk!~~

    I have thought of starting this blog for my first ever Pokémon story (I know, this may have come from the fandom), and I could use some of your thoughts for my ideas I'm using in my story.

    My first idea was that what would happen if the dragons from The Legend of Spyro'' series came to meet with both humans and magical creature we all love? That idea had been stuck in my head for so long, since I've known about The Legend of Spyro.

    My second idea was that, the protagonist could've been me, though I thought about he could have a few difference between us, like being a born dragon, with a power to turn into human. You could/can call it a dragon-human hybrid.

    I also thought of making my story its very …

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  • Awsomenessguyohyea

    I'm awsome

    April 19, 2017 by Awsomenessguyohyea

    So I'm really a real Pokemon master I know every single Pokemon 1-802. There is a blocked user on the PBB wiki called Gamma Pikachu. Here's something to cheer you up!

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  • Trainer Micah
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  • Pudinu

    Did You Know?

    April 12, 2017 by Pudinu

    Hello! Welcome to my first blog post! Two days ago, Pokemon said that they are doing a Pokemon marathon on Disney XD. Here is what they said:

    Get ready for a massive Pokemon marathon on Disney XD, the new home of Pokemon the Series. Kicking off April 14 at 6 a.m, the entire first season of Pokemon the Series: XY will be shown in order from start to finish. It will take a little over 24 hours to show all 48 amazing episodes starring Ash and Pikachu as they explore the Kalos region. That means the last episode won't conclude until 6:30 the next morning, so be ready to record! Also be sure to tune in on Disney XD on Saturday mornings at 9, Saturdays and Sundays at 7:30 p.m., and every weekday at 4 p.m. for more Pokemon the Series episodes. Hav…

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  • Whitehorse24

    There was the anniversary of the Pokémon Adventures manga a little while ago. I know I probably should’ve made this blog at the time, but now I’m doing it after this latest Sun and Moon chapter came out and was translated.

    First, let’s take a poll on what your favorite Special chapter is. Just so you know, W Mission Story: Pokémon Ranger - the Comic, is considered canon in Pokémon Adventures due to the end of the Platinum arc.

    If I missed any scenes or some scenes on the poll are there that you think shouldn’t be, then let me know in the comments.

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  • Lil' Shaddie The Gallade

    Gday, dunno where else i could post this.

    I have a Shiny Milotic in Sun/Moon and i am looking to trade it for a Shiny Magby.

    Any gender, level, nature and ability.

    FC: 3798-1202-9089

    Ingame Name: Shad

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  • Rinasuzuki


    March 17, 2017 by Rinasuzuki

    I love Pokémon card but when was little I do not like Pokémon card because I thought they are boring.Now I love Pokémon card and my favorite master is Serena.

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  • ExtinctAnimalStudier

    i am making a custom Pokémon game. its called Pokémon save the world. the evil team is team lion. they have the strengh of a adult male lion, well, they're boss does. you can be in it. ask in the comments below. i have a picture. Note: i already chose the gym leaders and i am not sure about elite four.

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  • AxelFer MV

    My Life

    March 4, 2017 by AxelFer MV


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  • Steven Bomb 17

    Here's an idea I have for a future Ultra Beast:

    Metamorph, the bad egg Pokemon


    This Pokemon used to appear to greedy trainers as an egg that would take many days to hatch then when it was ready it would take it's true form and cause the trainer to freeze in fear for weeks. Nowadays this Pokemon just goes around causing mischief, if it finds a human it likes Metamorph will follow them and protect them for the rest of that human's life.

    I based this one off of the bad egg glitch hence the bad egg classification. What Ultra Beast ideas do you have?

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  • Utkar22

    Continuation of the earlier poll

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  • DarkFireTheSheCat

    Halp battle

    January 27, 2017 by DarkFireTheSheCat
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  • Steven Bomb 17

    I finished the game last month, speaking as someone who plays the games for the story I can't help but feel that the games are kinda...empty after you beat the game. Yeah we have the Battle Tree and Pokedex but 

    1) let's face it who's gonna fill that thing up.

    2) Even if you beat the Battle Tree the game is still empty

    And the world itself is empty, there's very few houses you can break in-I mean go into and the ones you can go into are usually the homes of important characters. There's very few places that don't have an importance in some way. There's also the construction equipment and empty spaces in almost every town you come to. There's also Lillie who is like N in that they didn't like Pokemon battles and had villainous parents (in Lill…

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  • XXCastAwayXx


    January 19, 2017 by XXCastAwayXx

    So I figured I would say hello to the community since im somewhat new here. I've been a fan of pokemon ever since I was a child. So, I figured I might as well join this community. Feel free to check out my profile as well too!!

    02:26, January 19, 2017 (UTC)
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  • Pinkachu
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  • SierraSia

    So a while ago I was breeding with Rowlets and Littens to end up with a male and female pair, and I finally got them, but now I have a LOT of Littens in my PC. XD I know I could probably just release them, but I was thinking that I could trade them off to other people who would want them. So here's what I'm gonna do, I'm asking anyone who sees this blog if they want one of my 22 Littens or one of my 6 Rowlets.

    However I don't really know how to trade outside of the GTS, so if you know a more direct way to trade, please let me know. If we can only trade through GTS, then let me know what pokemon you want to trade, tell me their specifics like Lever and gender, and I'll set up the pokemon I'm seeking to match yours. You can also ask for speci…

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  • JeanetteAlola

    I'm bored anyone want to do a RP 

    Rules:Legendaries are Banned from the RP,No Sexual stuff,No cursing and have Fun!







    My Bio:

    Name:Madeline Goldenkey 


    Pokemon:Gigi(Shiny Female Eevee)Svi(Female Sylveon)Jivi(Male Jolteon)Kiki(Female Blaziken

    Appearance:Brown hair,Blue eyes,Big Light blue Sweater,Short Jeans,Black Slip on shoes


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  • Petuniadoestgewiki


    January 3, 2017 by Petuniadoestgewiki

    A small electric Pokémon that is a mouse. Pikachu can escape team rocket but they will always find pikachu. One time it thought that it was a part of team Rocket since it was a little pichu!

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  • Trokodile174

    This is my best and favorite deck. I have played 7 matches, and all 7 were wins. Please pay attention to series if you build a copy. Best if you go first!

    Volcanic Blitz Decklist:

    • =====4 Moltres- Steam Siege=====
    • =====1 Victini EX- Plasma Storm=====
    • =====1 Victini- Noble Victories=====
    • =====1 Victini- Roaring Skies=====
    • =====2 Slowpoke- BREAKpoint=====
    • =====1 Slowking- BREAKpoint=====
    • =====1 Seismitoad EX- Furious Fists=====
    • =====1 Houndoom EX- BREAKthrough=====
    • =====1 MHoundoom EX- BREAKthrough=====
    • =====1 Glalie EX- BREAKthrough=====
    • =====1 MGlalie EX- BREAKthrough=====
    • =====2 Gyarados EX- BREAKpoint 123/122=====
    • =====1 Gyarados EX- BREAKpoint 114/122=====
    • =====1 MGyarados EX- BREAKpoint 27/122=====
    • =====1 Volcanion- Steam Siege=====
    • =====2 Volcanion EX-…
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  • Cocobird112

    Magicarp or Feebas

    December 29, 2016 by Cocobird112

    Magicarp is better, boasting a higher attack stat

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  • LunarExplosion

    Anyone Wanna Roleplay?

    December 27, 2016 by LunarExplosion

    Hi! Anyone up for a roleplay? It's in Kalos. This is the sign up sheet, leave your filled-out sheet in the comments down below:








    My character is:

    Name: Eva Hunders

    Age: 10

    Gender: Female

    Pokémon: Furret and Teddiursa

    Region: Johto (travelled to Kalos for adventure)

    Appearance: Blonde ponytail, red tank top, blue shorts, red high-tops, and blue eyes.

    Skills: Able to hack any computer system.

    If you want to have your character be related to another user's character, ask them! The roleplay starts once we have 11 people (not including myself).

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  • Whitehorse24

    Pokemon = People

    December 24, 2016 by Whitehorse24

    Here’s what I like doing. I imagine that people are Pokemon. For that, I look up their signature and/or most used Pokemon. Here’s what I got for all the people in Pokemon Generations. There will be an explanation for those who don’t seem obvious

    • Red = Pikachu
    • Looker = Croagunk
    • Giovanni = Nidoking
    • Lorelei = Lapras
    • Bruno = Machamp
    • Agatha = Gengar
    • Lance = Dragonite
    • Blue = Eevee (I didn’t want to have starter Pokemon, but heuses this one in some adaptions so I picked it, it works with Red and Pikachu too)
    • Petrel = Ditto (as a sign of his disguises’ ability)
    • Silver = Sneasel
    • Eusine = Jumpluff (It was the only Pokemon I found that he had from Johto)
    • Maxie = Camerupt
    • Tabitha = Shiftry (Ruby Counterpart)
    • Courtney = Claydol (Ground type)
    • Archie = Sharpedo
    • Matt = L…
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  • Adh0121

    Pokemon Questions

    December 23, 2016 by Adh0121
    • Questioning time. Your favorite pokemon.Blaziken. Would you get pokemon sun or moon. Moon. Do you like pikachu. Yes. Is pikachu powerful. Dammn powerful Do you  think pikachu is cute.Oh my gosh his red cheeks are so cute. Do you think Ash rules. Yes. Do you know Chespin,Goodra,Swampert and Garchomp. Yes Are you a enemy of charizhards. Yes. Now you make your Pokemon questions.
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  • Adh0121

    Blaziken army

    December 23, 2016 by Adh0121

    who is Blaziken Blaziken is fire/fighting  pokemon it's basic move is fire punch it can evolve into mega blaziken by using blazikenite.What we do here is simple this is a army dedicated to loving blaziken we share our thoughts in the comments you can join by leaving a message on my talk and i will reply on your talk if your request is apporved please sign your message if not your request will not be read. Members me (founder)

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  • ShadowEevee139

    Make a eeveelutoin!

    December 20, 2016 by ShadowEevee139

    Yay! U can make a eeveelutoin! Do #(Eevelutoin's name and type). Example: #DancevonPcsycicFairy or

    1. SmokeonDragon

    See ya!

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  • QueenClam

    Pokemon Nicknames

    December 10, 2016 by QueenClam

    Here are a list of Pokemon Nicknames which I think are good and ones which I've used.

    • Wave
    • Current
    • Stream
    • Pacific
    • Tsunami
    • Droplet
    • Whirlpool
    • Pool
    • Pond
    • Sea
    • Brook
    • Delta
    • Riptide
    • Coral

    • Flame
    • Passion
    • Kindle
    • Smolder
    • Blaze
    • Burn
    • Flare
    • Heat
    • Volcano

    • Flower
    • Leaf
    • Herb
    • Root
    • Bloom
    • Sun
    • Vine

    • Spark
    • Thunder
    • Lightning
    • Bolt
    • Strike
    • Skyfire
    • Bang
    • Boom
    • Electron
    • Volt

    • Freeze
    • Frozen
    • Hail
    • Permafrost
    • Taiga
    • Iceberg
    • Icicle
    • Winter
    • Glacier
    • Polar
    • Sleet
    • Chill
    • Arctic
    • Snow
    • Frigid
    • Shiver

    • Courage
    • Hunter
    • Warrior
    • Bold

    • Venom
    • Toxin
    • Blight

    • Soil
    • Canyon
    • Ravine
    • Valley
    • Glen
    • Gorge
    • Mountain
    • Peak
    • Cliff

    • Gravel
    • Rubble
    • Igneous
    • Pebble
    • Granite
    • Quartz
    • Cobble
    • Flint
    • Coal
    • Shale
    • Phyllite
    • Andesite

    • Flight
    • Soar

    To be continued

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  • Dawn Darkness
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  • AncientMewMaster


    December 9, 2016 by AncientMewMaster

    Hello pokemon world, AMM reporting for duty

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  • Dawn Darkness

    The Anime

    December 8, 2016 by Dawn Darkness

    I was wondering, how was your thoughts on the whole anime series? I thought the only two series, which where Ash evolved his team, was great: Sinnoh and Kalos. The former was the very first of the anime I watched, the same with the fourth generation games - though, I merely grew up with the Hoenn games as my first. As for the latter, I finds that series another great one. The fact that Ash evolved his Pokémon again, was an improvement of his growth as a Trainer. Though, what disappointed me, was that he lost against Alain in the Lumiose Conference. He should have won that tournament, not lose it. Gah. Gamefreak, why can't you just let Ash win a regional league just once? The more Ash loses, the less interests I get to even watch the series…

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