• Skullslinger51

    Go ask meh stuff. I'm your God and I know everything so ask away!

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  • Rogue maltron

    pokemon go adds new characters to their plyables the characters added include lugia and Niantic 

    Although his reveal is still being teased fans speculate that the returning lugia will be coming with a new special move called sky attack


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  • Rogue maltron

    i can't wait

    March 17, 2018 by Rogue maltron

    i can't wait to help expand this beautiful wiki

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  • Sagnik Mukhopadhyay 333

    Hi guys you are welcome in my blog! I'm Sagnik Mukhopadhyay and it's nice to meet you all.

    Actually the main reason for writing this blog is for contributions. I mean that, I've created a new wiki but contributing the wiki alone is very difficult.

    Therefore, guys I need your help! Plz contribute to my wiki and make it a large community.

    The link to my wiki :-

    Thanks for spending your golden time in reading my blog.

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  • TheWikiOddish

    After Evan and his parents arrived in the big city, Evan saw lots of Pokemon. Evans Mom explained to him that most of them were Steel or Poison type. Evan pointed out Pokemon like Magnemite, Spinarak & Metang. They eventually went to their new house. It was small compared to the tall buildings that scaled the city, but it had a nice view from the hill it was on. Evan and his Oddish went outside to see the new Pokemon. Evans Mom rushed out the door to warn him about the strong Pokemon the city has to offer. She sent out a Pokemon Evan had never seen, a Mawile! Evans Mom explained that Mawile may look innocent, but it head held a large mouth that could swallow a human whole. She sent Mawile back and let Evan go off into the big city. Oddish …

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  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond

    Hey guys, so I made a video on YouTube that I wanna share with you. Here are some creepy Pokémon face swaps that might haunt you nightmares forever.

    More coming soon….

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  • Pinkachu

    Hello Pokéfriends!

    On March 23, we celebrate the launch of a brand new video game in the Pokémon franchise - Detective Pikachu! This isn't like any other Pikachu we have seen so many times before though. Detective Pikachu can talk, laugh, and loves to solve mysteries. We hear he has a bit of a 'tude' as well.

    Detective Pikachu might not know everything there is to know about every Pokémon, but I bet he could pass our little quiz below with no problem! Can you? Why not give it a go and see how you do!

    That wasn't too hard was it? Let us know how you did in the comments below. Maybe you can think of a quiz question of your own and stump your fellow fans! Of course, if they look up the answer on the Pokémon community, that is totally not cheati…

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  • MeezerTheChampion

    On Pokemon Opinions, the Random Pokemon Generator [1] selected Brionne, so that's the Pokemon for today. I'm going to say everything I like about it, how good it's design is, and it's part in a battle.

    Brionne is a pretty good Pokemon to me- it evolves from my favourite starter, isn't too badly affected by Rowlet's type advantage, and can learn some pretty good moves. It's a pure Water-type, making it a fair Pokemon unlike Bulbasaur in Gen I- I still like Bulbasaur though. Although it really irritates me when it can't learn Aqua Tail.

    It's design is a very nice sky-blue. The frilly 'skirt' around it's torso has a nice blueish-white colour, and fits perfectly on Brionne. The 'skirt' adds a curvy look to Brionne, as it's completely smooth inst…

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  • MeezerTheChampion

    I'm super confused.

    February 26, 2018 by MeezerTheChampion

    Okay, so I was on Alpha Sapphire (AS for short), and I was getting rid of some older Pokemon via Wonder Trade. I selected my old female Ralts named Ralty. I wasn't looking, so when I looked back, I saw my Ralts....


    Is this a joke or something? Did this guy just send me A SHINY DARKRAI? Who the hell does that?

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  • RedYoshiNation

    2 Shiny Dratini

    February 24, 2018 by RedYoshiNation

    So a while back I was on Pokémon GO! I found two dratinis one was blue CAUGHT IT, it was bad so i transered it and my next encounter! OMG SHINY!!!! I caught it, it was supposed to be bad, 20 minutes later, ANOTHER SHINY! 1 SHINY DRATINI IN TWO ENCOUNTERS!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Yoshi574930Cool
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  • CupcakeDancerTheSecond

    Hi guys, and I am doing a theory on Serena! We are discussing if she was a Fennekin that was transformed human. Serena is a XY character. And we are going from Serena’s Fenniken-ish appearance to the 10th episode. Hope you enjoy!

    To me, Serena’s human form, save for her eyes, is kind of like Fenniken. She has blue eyes, red hair, and light skin. But what about her eyes? Well now I get it. She has contact lenses as the object that keeps her human! And another thing that might blend in that is the Serena from the games has gray eyes. Whom we know that isn’t a Pokémon because she is controlled by the player.

    Although you might think this is a disapproval to this theory, I think that Grace chose Fenniken as her starter. Possibly she lived in Kal…

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  • TheWikiOddish

    Where will Gen 8 be?

    February 14, 2018 by TheWikiOddish

    Hey guys! Recently I have been thinking on where Gen8 (if there is one) might take place. Some people say it might take place in China, some say Mexico, and others say it might go back to Japan. But I have been looking around and found some evidence that might suggest it might be in Spain:

    1. Tapus and Oricorio

    Recently we have had Gen7 bring us the Tapu Guardians and the Oricorio Dancers. Each have their origins, but what if they actually meant something. Let me explain.

    • Unova = America
      • Tapu Koko = Native American Headdress
      • Oricorio Pom-Pom = American Cheerleader
    • Alola = Hawaii
      • Tapu Lele = Butterfly Cocoon & Hula Dress
      • Oricorio Pa'u = Hula Dancer
    • Kanto, Johto, Hoenn & Sinnoh = Japan
      • Tapu Fini = Swordfish (often native to Japans oceans)
      • Oricorio Sens…
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  • Keyon Jackson

    Whats Hoopning Pokemon trainers its KeyJack with a new Pokemon theory. Now today I'm bringing you a theory that might intrigue you. I'm gonna try to prove if the 4 tapus are the reverse 4 horsemen. By that, I mean they have opposite traits.

    Now I know what your thinking, what are the 4 horsemen and what do they have to do with the Tapus. Well in the Bible, the four horsemen were harbingers of the last judgment. Each of the four horsemen was sent from God to create a calamity of some sort and rule a quarter of the earth. Each represented a different calamity. Now there are many interpretations of the four horsemen, especially the white horse, but will get to that later.

    So now let's get on with it.

    So the Tapus guard the islands of alola and p…

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  • AilisCutie101

    I asked my friend "Why does Kadabra have a spoon?" And they responded with “It's for cereal” and I believed that until this morning I read it's Ultra Moon Pokédex entry. It says “It's psychic powers are halved if it is not holding a silver spoon.” I was like "awwww MAN" and that’s basically that.

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  • Pikazilla

    Pokemon Maker

    February 3, 2018 by Pikazilla

    Special Thanks to Tgunxd for co-writing this blog with me.

    It is fairly easy to compare Pokémon; their stats, movesets, typing and strategies are all clearly stated as game data. However some forums like Death Battle wants to see Pokemon fight non-pokemon characters; Lucario vs Renamon, Charizard vs Greymon, Mewtwo vs Shadow vs Frieza, ect… This got me thinking; why aren’t these characters pokemon?

    So that’s what I’m doing here; I’m choosing several characters I would think would be great ideas for pokemon and depicting them with stats and moves fitting for a Pokemon videogame setting.

    I don’t plan on making anymore ‘Pokemon’ other than than what’s listed below; but feel free to make you own. If you disagree with me in terms of moves or stats…

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  • 3DSgamer07


    January 28, 2018 by 3DSgamer07

    Ok since when could this happen. I thought it would evolve into Gallade but...ok

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  • TheWikiOddish

    Evan and his parents rushed to the plane and got inside. They had taken their seats and waited out the flight. During the flight Evan had looked out the window and saw a large ocean. He looked closely and could see a few water Pokemon like Sharpedo and Magikarp. He had also seen flying Pokemon that flew through the air like Skarmory. As they landed, Evan and his parents set out for a new home. After a few miles of desert, they stopped at a pit stop. The desert was hot and wild Pokemon stood everywhere. Evan went out to explore in the ruins of the sandy mountains. As he climbed the rocks, the rocks moved. They rumbled and then they jumped out of the ground! It was a Geodude! The Geodude was fierce and attacked in a rage.


    • Wild …
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  • TheWikiOddish

    Evan was a boy who had lived in Unova. He had stayed there all his life until his parents decided that he would be better off in a place where there was wide open space. Evan and his parents were about to pack their bags and move out of their current household (the place they lived in was very poor, infested with Skorupi and Spinarak). Evan was about to step out the door until he had saw some rustling grass. The grass has rustled louder and louder! Evan was beginning to get scared. A mysterious figure had jumped out of the grass! It was simply a little Oddish. Evans Dad had heard the rustling and rushed downstairs and out the door to see what was going on. He thought that this Oddish was trying to attack Evan, so he sent out one of his own…

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  • Chipper the Crow

    NOTE: This is a joke.

    Zossie: bloop

    Dulse: ...

    Phyco: who just ate this popcorn?

    Soliera: my furfrou

    Zossie: NOM

    Soliera's Furfrou: *rolls eyes*

    Lunala: hi there-

    Zossie: *catches Lunala*

    Dulse: why are we even here?

    Phyco: To learn how to speak with grammar.

    Dulse: no

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  • Fluffysushicat

    Hey! My name is Ana, and I've lived in Ohio my whole life. I am relatively new to Pokemon Wiki. I have two calico kittens named Cookie and Lily, and I adore them!

    What I like:

    • Chocolate
    • Cats
    • My kittens, Cookie and Lily
    • Board games
    • Monopoly
    • Basketball
    • Video games
    • My family
    • Solitude
    • Pokemon

    What I dislike:

    • Vegetables
    • Uninteresting books
    • Being in very large crowds of strangers
    • No internet connection
    • Being interrupted

    If you need something, be sure to contact me on my Message Wall for the quickest replies!

    You could also use some of the follow alternatives:

    • Discord (Private)
    • Instagram (@softcalicos)
    • My Favorite Wikias
    • Personal Website

    I just made this blog to say hi and so you could get to know me! I hope everybody had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy Ne…

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  • PokemonUser37

    Live Chat

    January 4, 2018 by PokemonUser37

    Add it now, admins!

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  • Papa99

    After Blythe and the pets won the Rio Carnival parade, our heroes, the pets and Emma explore the nearby clearing in search of Rio's Elite Four Gym, where Ash plans to get his sixth Elite Four Badge. 

    Ash: This is going to great. I'm so phyced. How about you, buddy? 

    Pikachu: Pika, Pika. 

    Blythe: There goes Ash getting excited again. 

    Brock: (Chuckling) You know Ash, he always gets this excited when he's ready for a battle. 

    Emma: This sounds amazing. So, what kind of Pokemon will Ash will be using? 

    Brock: I guess we'll have to wait and see. 

    (They all arrive at the Elite Four Gym in the middle of the clearing) 

    Ash: Hey that must be it! Elite Four badge # 6, here I come. 

    Blythe: Hey Brock, did you say that this Elite Four Gym Leader uses two type…

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  • Daniellewiki

    Happy New Year!

    January 1, 2018 by Daniellewiki

    Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone has great plans for editing this wiki this year!

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  • Papa99

    Episode 15- A Quagsire Catch

    December 30, 2017 by Papa99

    Narrator: On their way back to Downtown City, Ash and his friends stop by a river for a little break.

    Brock: Okay gang, lunch is ready!

    Ash: We're coming Brock.

    Pikachu: Pika, Pika.

    Blythe: Just give me a second. (Blythe cleans her face with water, when something jump out from the surface)

    Blythe: What the huh? (Ash and Brock noticed it as it was a Quagsire)

    Quagsire: Quagsire! 

    Ash: Hey that's a Quagsire! (Pulls out his Pokedex facing the wild Quagsire)

    Pokedex: Quagsire, the Water Fish Pokémon, the evolved form of Wooper. Quagsire hangs out in the water with its mouth open and waits for prey to drift in. Fortunately, this lack of movement means it doesn't need to eat much.

    Blythe: So that means Quagsire is a Water-Type Pokémon, right Brock?


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  • Trainer Micah

    Happy New year

    December 26, 2017 by Trainer Micah

    Here's a little bit of Holiday greeting from me! so you know as such Happy New year when time comes around!


    & From me via 2018 when it comes soon.Trainer Micah (talk) 16:08, December 26, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Red Lair

    Merry Christmas

    December 25, 2017 by Red Lair

    A very dearest greet
    -ing to all
    trainers,Merrry Christmas
    to all of you.
    I hope, you are
    celebrating Christmas
    Awesomely, a lot
    of happiness to
    you from me.

    A Small greeting card for everyone.

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  • Sowhat2008

    In Pewter City, Lillie was in the Pewter Gym.

    Lillie: I wonder what's taking so long.

    Johnny entered the Pewter Gym.

    Johnny: Oh yeah and...

    Johnny: I forgot to say that I already completed the Pewter Gym.

    Johnny: So bye!

    Johnny leaves the Gym. Lillie battles the first trainer.

    Camper #1: Lets Battle!

    Charmander (Lvl 13) (35/35) used Fire Fang.

    Sandshrew (Lvl 10) (15/25) dealt 10 Damage.

    Sandshrew (Lvl 10) (15/25) used Sand Attack

    Charmander (Lvl 13) (24/35) dealt 11 Damage.

    Charmander (Lvl 13) (24/35) used Fire Spin.

    Sandshrew (Lvl 10) (0/25) dealt 15 Damage (Critical Hit).

    Sandshrew fainted.

    Lillie: Time to battle the second trainer!

    Charmander (Lvl 15) (39/39) used Fire Spin.

    Diglett (Lvl 14) (16/21) dealt 5 Damage.

    Diglett (Lvl 14) (16/21) used Rock Thro…

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  • Lunalasolgaleok

    Pikachu madness

    December 24, 2017 by Lunalasolgaleok

    search this video/song pikachu song and you will see what my friend showed me

    It would be the 7th one down your welcome

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  • Lunalasolgaleok

    My brother's pokemon

    December 24, 2017 by Lunalasolgaleok




    Tapu Bulu

    Tupu koko



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  • ThePokémonGamer

    For those of you interested, Disney XD in the United States is running a Pokémon movie marathon for the year of 2018 next month in January. Here are the timeslots for when this will occur. The four movies whose distribution rights are owned by Miramax will not be shown during this marathon.

    Timeslots will be updated when more date information becomes available on the Disney XD official calendar schedule. All times are subject to change and incompleteness. (The official site claims that every episode will be shown from 3:30 PM, as if they couldn't get their facts straight when claiming SM043 would air on December 2, but the Disney XD schedule doesn't show that. They do have it spot on with every movie airing at 6 PM.) Also, Disney XD's calen…

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  • Borjitasstoi

    • This is the first game i played i dont have original version but i remenber play plenty hours for complete 100% and obtain special items for transfer in pokemon diamond i like the idea you make circles for capture pokemon and boost or make easy the capture the concept are completely changed in future games because focuses in other things more like in cycles the story overall are good puzzles and antagonists have important role in this game the tutorial for newcomers is good the problem i find in future games this game dont have re-play but in general i beat this game 5 times

    • The second game of ranger series and the concept and everything its changed you dont need anymore spin determined number of times because this game its more like differ…

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  • Sowhat2008

    In the middle of the Virdian Forest, it was very mysterious.

    There were two Beedrills. One of them were named Sam as the son, and one of them were named Kam as the leader/father. It's like these Beedrills are twins. Lillie was also there but she was sleeping. But then, she woke up immediately.

    Lillie: Ehh...Wha...a-t happenend?

    Beedrill (Sam): BUZZBUZZBUZZ (You Intruder!)

    Beedrill (Kam): BUZZIBUZZBUZZBUZZIBUZZ (You will now face our strength!)

    Lillie: Wow, such meanies.

    Lillie: I'm gonna fight you!

    The Battle begins.

    Charmander (Lvl 9) (31/31) used Ember.

    Beedrill (Sam) (Lvl 30) (97/100) dealt 3 Damage.

    Caterpie (Lvl 6) (21/21) used String Shot.

    Beedrill (Kam) (Lvl 100) (149/150) dealt 1 Damage.

    Beedrill (Sam) (Lvl 30) (97/100) used Fury Attack.


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  • Sowhat2008

    In Virdian Forest....

    Lillie: This Forest sure is enormous, right Johnny?

    Lillie: Uhhh, Johnny?

    Lillie looks at Johnny. Johnny feels frightened and fearful.

    Lillie: Oh come on!

    Lillie: We're almost there!

    Johnny: To...o..o.oo.oo.o.o

    Lillie: Oh fine!

    Johnny got on Lillie's back. Lillie was walking.

    However, it took more than 12 Hours.

    Lillie: ..lo..s.....t

    Lillie: W.ii..ll..l f.....ain..t.t.....t

    Lillie fainted. Johnny was now shocked.

    Johnny: Oh No!

    Johnny: Lillie, are you ok?

    Suddenly, Beedrills surrounded Lillie and Johnny.

    To Be Continued...

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  • Sowhat2008

    In Virdian City....

    Lillie: Wow, I already made it to Virdian City.

    Suddenly, a person came out of nowhere. 

    Lillie: Who are you?

    Johnny: The name's Johnny.

    Johnny: Nice to meet you.

    Lillie: Same!

    Johnny: So, do you want to be friends because, I'm lonely...

    Lillie: Sure.

    Johnny: Also I like your Charmander.

    Lillie: Thanks.

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  • Sowhat2008

    In Route 1, Lillie was walking on the tall grass. Suddenly, she encountered a wild Caterpie.

    Lillie: This Pokemon looks so cute.

    Lillie: I'm gonna catch it.

    Charmander (Lvl 5) (20/20) used Tackle.

    Caterpie (Lvl 4) (11/17) dealt 6 damage.

    Caterpie (Lvl 4) (11/17) used Tackle.

    Charmander (Lvl 5) (15/20) dealt 5 damage.

    Charmander (Lvl 5) (15/20) used Tackle

    Caterpie (Lvl 4) (5/17) dealt 6 damage.

    Caterpie (Lvl 4) (5/17) used Tackle.

    Charmander (Lvl 5) (10/20) dealt 5 damage.

    Lillie used the Pokeball to capture Caterpie. It worked.

    Lillie: I caught Caterpie!

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  • Sowhat2008

    Once upon a time, there was a Pokemon Trainer named Lillie. She wanted to be the world's best champion so she packed up her clothes. Lillie was so excited.

    Lillie: I'm gonna become a Pokemon Trainer!

    Lillie walked all the way to the professor's lab. She met Professor Oak.

    Lillie: Hi Professor Oak.

    Professor Oak: Oh hi Lillie, I've been waiting for you.

    Professor Oak: Choose your Starte-

    Lillie: I'll choose Charmander!

    Professor Oak: Ok, but you can only have one.

    Lillie walked out of the professor's lab and started her journey.

    Lillie: Lets go have some fun, Charmander!

    Charmander: Char...Char! (Alrighty then.)

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  • Chaos Geek

    Sun and Moon Pokemon

    December 14, 2017 by Chaos Geek
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  • DriftingDawn

    Feeling Great Today

    December 4, 2017 by DriftingDawn

    I'm gonna be honest, I'm a PMD addict! 030  I spent an hour doing homework listening it PMD music, PMD is love, PMD is life XD  I also learned at school, surprise surprise .-.

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  • Jescher

    hello everyone

    November 29, 2017 by Jescher
    • I just copy this on in ternet and my friend draw this
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  • Karpkarp
    1. 1 Reason: I HATE Ho-oh!!
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  • Lair Q

    Winter holidays

    November 24, 2017 by Lair Q

    I'm very Excited for Winter holidays Yeah,I know there's about 20-25 DayZ,As i can't watch MS020 because of Study... Study.... and Study. Finally,gotta time. Winter holidays are just Perfect time to watch it So,I am Very Excited.

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  • Silent Songbird

    List of stories

    November 24, 2017 by Silent Songbird


    I have recently decided writing stories to curb my imminent boredom. This shall serve as the lists for it, along with more blogs for different purposes in future. I will upload them on both Discussions and They go by the same name.

    • Bonds - [[1]]

    A short take on the bond between Ash and his Greninja.

    • Memoirs of a Pokémon Watcher - [[2]]

    A collection of observations by a Pokémon Watcher. Updates will be rather erratic.

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  • IamRetro

    Shiny Zubat

    November 22, 2017 by IamRetro

    HI I am new but I like to think I'm lucky reason being cause I got a shiny Zubat on my 1st day playing the new Pokemon Ultra Moon.The surprisingly fifth encounter I got her shiny glorious green color.

    I wish you good shiny hunting!



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  • Borjitasstoi

    Hello guys I want you to witness my adventures in the pokemon world and make this a biography I will include things that have happened to me the appearance of shiny pokemons and what has covered in my life

    • It was with the generation I started that I was inexperienced young and that led me to have a team and a little knowledge of the weaknesses. I started learning the 151 pokemons what made me more excited was the leader's battles since they put my skills to the test, I felt very small, I even captured them all, exchanging my hobbies back then with my relatives i finished the league at 62 hours of play with a team of level 80 as I liked to raise levels did not pose any problem I do not remember what my team was but my water starter had pidge…

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  • CosmoStar24

    Iris’ Team and Journey

    November 19, 2017 by CosmoStar24

    After that Best Wishes special, Iris continues her journey to be a Dragon Master by following that Rayquaza. I was hoping she may one day end up in the Kalos Region to not only happily see Ash again, but maybe also compete in the Kalos League to hone her skills while sometimes studying Zygarde since it is also a Dragon Type Pokemon. If she competed in the league, she may face Ash in any round like the quarterfinals and have an exciting battle between friends.

    Iris’ possible Pokemon team:






    Latias(if necessary)

    Storage Pokemon:



    Shellgon or Salamence








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  • CosmoStar24

    If Mairin’s Chespin hasn’t fallen into a comatose state and become a victim to Team Flare’s scheme, she could’ve continue traveling with Alain throughout X and Y. I know Chespie was saving a Zygarde name Squishy, but it soon became a core for the giant Zygarde. She might’ve entered the Kalos League with Alain, but not one of Ash’s rivals. They could’ve faced of each other in the early rounds or the quarterfinals. Here are Mairin’s possible Pokemon team:






    Flygon(maybe with Mega Evolution if that’s possible)

    In storage:














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  • CosmoStar24

    After XYZ, that battle with Team Flare is almost like the the Nemesis Crisis from Beyblade Metal Fury to me because of the destruction going on to the public and a lot of people are involved. However, the original Nemesis Crisis on Beyblade is affecting all over the world with past characters witnessing it while the crisis in the Pokemon series only occurred in the Kalos region and didn’t immediately spread across the world. Different crisis in the Pokemon anime like Team Galactic, Team Plasma, and Team Flare only occurred in their respective regions and didn’t spread much across other reasons from the past. I just wish that there is another major crisis in this anime, but this time it affects the entire world with with regions that Ash tr…

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  • Coleslawderp


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  • LimingGreen


    November 7, 2017 by LimingGreen


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