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Block Bot is the name of multiple robots seen in LaRousse City in Destiny Deoxys. They perform a number of functions, such as acting as a welcoming committee to visitors, and taking pictures for passports. They can also join themselves together to form bridges, and act as LaRousse's defense system.

However, thanks to an attack from a Deoxys and a Rayquaza, their data was scrambled and they became corrupted and began attacking innocent bystanders, and had to be shut down for repairs. They covered the whole skyline of LaRousse City. In the final part of the movie, they flooded the streets and almost covered the Battle Tower. This indirectly led to the evolution of a Munchlax into a Snorlax, which Ash used as a platform in his attempt to use a passport to shut down the bots. Their blue parts turn red when they are corrupt.

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