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Candice's Abomasnow Blizzard
(ふぶき Snowstorm)
Introduced: Generation I
Battle Data
Type: Type Ice
Category: Type Special
Power: 110[1]
Accuracy: 70%[2]
PP: 5 (Max. 8)
Priority: 0
Contact: No
Affected by
Magic Coat: No
Bright Powder: Yes
Detect/Protect: Yes
Snatch: No
King's Rock: No
Contest Data
Contests (RSE)
Condition: Beauty
Appeal: 4 ♥♥♥♥
Jam: 0
A highly appealing move.
Super Contests (DPPt)
Condition: Beauty
Appeal: 2 ♥♥
Earn +2 if the Pokémon performs first in the turn.
Contest Spectaculars (ORAS)
Condition: Beautiful
Appeal: 1
Jam: 3 ♥♥♥
Badly startles all Pokémon to act before the user.

Blizzard (ふぶき Snowstorm) is an Ice-type special move introduced in Generation I. It has been TM14 since Generation I.


Games Description
GSC An attack that might freeze the foe.
RS A viscous snow-and-wind attack that may freeze foe.
E A brutal snow-and-wind attack that may freeze the target.
FRLG The foe is blasted with a blizzard. It may freeze the foe solid.
DPPt A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the foe. It may also freeze the target solid.
BWB2W2 A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the opposing team. It may also freeze the target solid.
XYORAS A howling blizzard is summoned to strike the opposing Pokémon. This may also leave the opposing Pokémon frozen.


In Battle

Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally

Blizzard targets all adjacent foes. Before Generation IV, Blizzard targeted all Pokémon adjacent to the user, including the ally. In Generation IV, during hail, Blizzard's accuracy changes to 100%. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Blizzard has a 30% chance to bypass Protect and Detect. In Pokémon Platinum and onwards, Blizzard can no longer bypass Protect or Detect, and during hail, are the only ways to avoid Blizzard. Blizzard does damage and has a 10% chance to freeze the targets solid.


By Leveling Up

By Leveling Up
Pokémon Type Level
124 Jynx ice/psychic 58 57 67 55 60 60 TBA
144 Articuno ice/flying 51 73 73 71 71 71 TBA
220 Swinub ice/ground 46 46 44 44 44 TBA
221 Piloswine ice/ground 56 56 56 56 (BW)
52 (B2W2)
52 TBA
238 Jynx ice/psychic 49 57 45 48 48 TBA
245 Suicune water 85 (PtHGSS) 85 85 TBA
351D Castform normal 50 (BW)
40 (B2W2)
40 (XY)
35 (ORAS)
361 Snorunt ice 43 46 46 46 TBA
362 Glalie ice/psychic 53 51 51 51 (XY)
48 (ORAS)
363 Spheal ice/water 43 43 43 43 (XY)
41 (ORAS)
364 Sealeo ice/water 47 47 47 47 (XY)
45 (ORAS)
365 Walrein ice/water 50 52 52 52 (XY)
49 (ORAS)
459 Snover grass/ice 41 41 41 TBA
460 Abomasnow grass/ice 47 47 47 TBA
471 Glaceon ice 71 71 (BW)
45 (B2W2)
45 TBA
473 Mamoswine ice/ground 56 56 (BW)
52 (B2W2)
52 TBA
478 Froslass ice/ghost 51 51 51 (XY)
48 (ORAS)
582 Vanillite ice 49 49 TBA
583 Vanillish ice 53 53 TBA
584 Vanilluxe ice 59 59 TBA
613 Cubchoo ice 45 45 TBA
614 Beartic ice 45 45 TBA
646 Kyurem dragon/ice 78 78 TBA
698 Amaura rock/ice 65 TBA
699 Aurorus rock/ice 74 TBA
712 Bergmite ice 43 TBA
713 Avalugg ice 46 TBA
Bold indicates this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.
Italic indicates an evolved or alternate form of this Pokémon receives STAB from this move.


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Blizzard depicted in the manga
Green Articuno Blizzard
Koga's Articuno using Blizzard
Platinum's Empoleon Blizzard
Platinum's Empoleon using Blizzard
Blizzard depicted in the main series anime
Prima Cloyster Blizzard
Lorelei's Cloyster using Blizzard
Pryce Piloswine Blizzard
Pryce's Piloswine using Blizzard
Brandon's Regice Blizzard
Brandon's Regice using Blizzard
Paul's Weavile Blizzard
Paul's Weavile using Blizzard
Virgil Glaceon Blizzard
Virgil's Glaceon using Blizzard
Thaddeus' Aurorus Blizzard
Thaddeus' Aurorus using Blizzard
Blizzard depicted in the Origins anime
Red Articuno Blizzard PO
Red's Articuno using Blizzard

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  1. ^ As of Generation VI, Blizzard has a base power of 110, which prior that had a base power of 120
  2. ^ As of Generation II, Blizzard has an accuracy of 70%, which prior to that had an accuracy of 90%

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