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Blaze (Japanese: もうか Raging Flames) is a special ability that was introduced in Generation I.


In battle

It increases the power of fire moves by 1.5x when the Pokémon is below 33.33% health. It is exclusive to Fire-type Starter Pokemon, but Pansear and Simisear have the ability as well.

Outside of battle

Blaze has no effect outside of battle.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type Obtained
#004 Charmander 004 Type Fire Natural
#005 Charmeleon 005 Type Fire Natural
#006 Charizard 006 Type FireType Flying Natural
#155 Cyndaquil 155 Type Fire Natural
#156 Quilava 156 Type Fire Natural
#157 Typhlosion 157 Type Fire Natural
#255 Torchic 255 Type Fire Natural
#256 Combusken 256 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#257 Blaziken 257 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#390 Chimchar 390 Type Fire Natural
#391 Monferno 391 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#392 Infernape 392 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#498 Tepig 498 Type Fire Natural
#499 Pignite 499 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#500 Emboar 500 Type FireType Fighting Natural
#513 Pansear 513 Type Fire Dream World
#514 Simisear 514 Type Fire Dream World
#650 Fennekin Type Fire Natural
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