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Blaze (Japanese: もうか Raging Flames) is a Fire-type ability introduced in Generation III.


The damage of fire-type moves are increased by 1.5x its original damage when the user's HP is 30% or lower.


Pokémon Type 1st Ability 2nd Ability Hidden Ability
004 Charmander fire Blaze - Solar Power
005 Charmeleon fire Blaze - Solar Power
006 Charizard fire/flying Blaze - Solar Power
155 Cyndaquil fire Blaze - Flash Fire
156 Quilava fire Blaze - Flash Fire
157 Typhlosion fire Blaze - Flash Fire
255 Torchic fire Blaze - Speed Boost
256 Combusken fire/fighting Blaze - Speed Boost
257 Blaziken fire/fighting Blaze - Speed Boost
390 Chimchar fire Blaze - Iron Fist
391 Monferno fire/fighting Blaze - Iron Fist
392 Infernape fire/fighting Blaze - Iron Fist
498 Tepig fire Blaze - Thick Fat
499 Pignite fire/fighting Blaze - Thick Fat
500 Emboar fire/fighting Blaze - Reckless
513 Pansear fire Gluttony - Blaze
514 Simisear fire Gluttony - Blaze
653 Fennekin fire Blaze - Magician
654 Braixen fire Blaze - Magician
655 Delphox fire/psychic Blaze - Magician
File:???.png Litten fire Blaze - -
*Please note that the Pokémon listed with these abilities may only have them in certain generations.
*Please note that the following is up to date with Generation VI.


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