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Blackthorn City

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Blackthorn City
フスベシティ Fusube City
"A Quiet Mountain Retreat"
Location info
Region: Johto
Connecting routes: ↑North - Ice Path
↓South - Route 45
Location of Blackthorn City in Johto.
Gym info
Name: Blackthorn Gym
Leader: Clair
Type(s): [[File:Dragon]]
Badge: [[File:{{{badgeimage}}}|50px]]
[[Gym Badges#Rising Badge Risingbadge|Rising Badge Risingbadge]]
Pokémon Gyms
Blackthorn City (フスベシティ Fusube City) is a location in Johto. Clair is the Gym Leader of the Blackthorn City Gym. The Move Tutor and the Move Deleter reside in Blackthorn City. There is also a man who will teach Blast Burn, Frenzy Plant, and Hydro Cannon to the final evolution of any Starter Pokémon, and a woman who teaches Draco Meteor to Dragon-type Pokémon.


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