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This Zangoose is a Normal-type Pokémon owned by a Blackbelt.


DP051 9

Ash's Turtwig tackling Zangoose.

The Blackbelt trainer used his Zangoose with Psychic's Metagross in the Tag Battle Contest against Paul's Chimchar and Ash's Turtwig. Chimchar wanted to use Flamethrower but Chimchar was scared by Zangoose's appearance and Zangoose attacked Turtwig with X-Scissor. Zangoose wanted to attack Chimchar but Turtwig tried to Tackle Zangoose, but missed, and Zangoose used Crush Claw to attack Chimchar. Turtwig, however stopped the attack by using Bite on Zangoose's hand. Zangoose was then attacked by Chimchar's Flame Wheel and Zangoose stopped the Flame Wheel with its Crush Claw. Zangoose used Fire Blast on Turtwig but Chimchar stopped the attack and Zangoose used Crush Claw to attack Turtwig. Zangoose missed the attack and was defeated by Turtwig's Tackle.

Known moves

Move Episode
Black Belt Zangoose Fire Blast
X-Scissor Glory Blaze!
Crush Claw Glory Blaze!
Fire Blast Glory Blaze!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


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