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Bind is a Normal-type move introduced in Generation I. Its description is: "Things such as long bodies or tentacles are used to bind and squeeze the foe for four to five turns".

It has an accuracy of 85%, a power of 15 and is a physical move.

Its normal PP is 20, but with 3 PP Ups it can be increased to 32.

It affects "one nearby" according to Pokemon Marriland and its description is, according to Pokemon Marriland's Movedex, "Prevents the target from switching or fleeing from the next 2 to 5 turns. Has a 3/8 chance to last for 2 or 3 turns, and a 1/8 chance to last for 4 or 5 turns. Does damage to the target equal to 1/16 its Maximum HP at the end of every turn. If the user is no longer on the field, this effect ends. Rapid Spin cancels the effect of Bind after the afflicted Pokemon's use of the attack."

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