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For the variant appearing in the games, see Bill.

Bill is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures.


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Red, Green & Blue arc

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Yellow arc

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Gold & Silver arc

Bill explained to the Pokémon Association they had to be careful with selecting the new Gym Leaders of Viridian and Fuchsia City, reminding their previous owners were members of Team Rocket. Bill went to recommend a countermeasure, but one of the Association members objected, since Team Rocket was disbanded and there was no other threat. The member suggested Bill should repair the storage system rather than worry about such things.[1]

Bill was present at the ceremony to promote Falkner to the Gym Leader. He started arguing with the Association member to fix the storage system. Falkner was nevertheless honored to become a Gym Leader; Bill told a friend of his wanted to become a Gym Leader as well.[2] Bill contacted his friend, Red, telling that everyone has heard of the latter at the Pokémon Association. Bill felt Red would certainly pass with an easy victory, but Red had some doubts about that.[3]

Crystal arc

Bill found a trainer for Professor Oak to complete the Pokédex. Bill reported the trainer did not left her name, but wanted to meet up with the professor at Cherrygrove City.[4] Since the transport system was down, Bill went to Crystal to help her out.[5] Bill met up with her, showing a portable transporter she could use in her mission, since the transport system was still down. However, Bill was chased by some Staryu, who attacked him. Crystal had her Cubone use Bonemerang at the Staryu, who deflected the attack. To help Bill out, Crystal had Natee go through the portable transporter; Natu was teleported to Bill and used Drill Peck on Staryu, who were caught by Crystal's Fast Balls. Bill was grateful for the rescue, explaining the transporting system works one-way only and would deliver the other end to Professor Oak. Crystal admitted she wanted to ride the ferris wheel and the roller coaster. Bill was surprised, but noted she was not like other girls, as she saved him. However, he was surprised Crystal went after an Elekid.[6] Before leaving, Bill told Crystal she could same Pokémon, which had certain differences between regions.[7]

Some time later, Bill was informed that the Kanto Gym Leaders are heading towards Goldenrod City. The director of Pokémon Association stated the first plan was to have a new rule that a trainer with eight Gym Badges could enter the Pokémon League unconditionally. Bill confirmed that was a great idea and was told the second reason of the meeting.[8] Bill and the Pokémon Association director were at the opening of the Gym Leaders' tournament, having Gold and Crystal observe for the person that could be the Masked Man.[9] Daisy Oak, whose brother, Blue, fought Entei, went to report the incident to Bill and the Pokémon Association director.[10] The three watched Pryce's battle against Erika, which made the director think Pryce was too humble to be the Masked Man.[11] Gold, who witnessed how the Masked Man was fighting against Ho-Oh at the Tin Tower, reported this through the screen of the stadium, which shocked Bill and the others.[12]

Bill emerged from the rubble of the Pokémon League. He and the radio director helped Daisy stand up and walk.[13] The radio director read some letters from people that wished to send their Pokémon to help out in defense of the Pokémon League, but the transporting system was down. Bill recalled how he inspected the system countless times and nothing was wrong. He realized something and went to inspect the storage system. Despite his wounds, Bill checked the system, realizing someone stole the energy that fueled the system; the display that stated the system was running at full capacity had fooled him. He suspected Sham and Carl stole this energy, but stated he needed energy from any source to run the system. Bill slammed his fists on the floor, since he really wanted to help out by repairing the system. He started doubting if he really was a scientist. However, he noted the energy levels were rising, since Raikou left a lot of electricity behind. Bill managed to activate the system and told the radio director to make a broadcast that everyone could send their Pokémon to help out.[14]

After the battle was over, Bill had Daisy as his newest assistant in his projects. He wanted to use the system for the greater good, and even tried to use the Masked Man's idea of time control in his system.[15]

FireRed & LeafGreen arc

Bill came to Sevii Islands to help his friend, Celio. He met up with Red and Blue on the ship, exclaiming he wanted to meet up with Celio, one of the storage system maintainers. He was soon called by Celio, who reported the storage system on Sevii Islands was down.[16] Eventually, Celio helped Red, Blue and Bill carry Green to the hospital. Bill also noticed Green's diary and picked it up. At the hospital, Bill showed the diary entry, mentioning that Green was to meet up with her parents on Sevii Islands. Blue showed through the Silph Scope that Green was fighting an unknown thing, which terrified Bill. Red and Blue promised to find that thing and defeat it, since they battled it in Pallet Town. Bill stated Red and Blue were powerful opponents, but Red reminded Green was also powerful, but was lying in the hospital. Suddenly, they were approached by an old woman named Ultima.[17]

The trio stared at the old woman and were in shock how her Typhlosion and her Meganium launched powerful attacks that razed the ground and damaged the ship. The sailor was angry at Ultima for that attack, which made Bill recall that was the woman that taught the ultimate attacks to worthy trainers.[18] While Red and Blue went to train with Ultima, Bill was ordered to look after Green, while trying to repair the storage system, which was affected by an energy field. He admitted he found it odd that Professor Oak personally gave Green the Fame Checker and the letter, while Red and Blue had to obtain the things inside Oak's lab.[19] Suddenly, Bill received the report that the thing the Pokédex Holders encountered was seen on Three Island. He contacted Red and Blue to go to the Pokémon Center and obtain the Rainbow Pass, then meet up with Bill on Four Island's Icefall Cave. Red and Blue came to the island and found the VS Seeker, which was triggered. Blue's Charizard went to attack with Blast Burn, but stopped after finding Bill and his Exeggutor, which the VS Seeker targeted. Bill explained the device targeted at the closest trainer they could encounter, but that didn't include the thing they encountered. Bill explained they needed the device, since a girl reported she saw that thing, and soon encountered a man in a suit with a big "R" sign. Red and Blue realized that must've been Giovanni. Bill also reported some people have seen Team Rocket grunts around the islands. Red's VS Seeker was activated and pointed at the opponent he battled earlier, Lorelei.[20]

The trio was surprised Lorelei was here, who exclaimed she would protect her homeland from Team Rocket. Suddenly, Sird, Carr and Orm of Team Rocket appeared to capture the Pokédex Holders. Red went to battle Carr, whose Foretress used Explosion. Fortunately, Lorelei's Slowking dug out a hole, allowing herself, Red, Blue and Bill to escape to her house. Still, they were in shock that the Three Beasts of Team Rocket demanded Red, Green and Blue, else they would start attacking the Sevii Islands.[21] Bill was disgusted Team Rocket would do such a thing. Red wanted to go battle Team Rocket, but was reminded by Bill and Blue that he was still hurt by Forretress' Explosion. Lorelei decided to help them out; she, Bill and Blue sailed on a ship, while Red went to Five Island.[22]

As Red managed to hold Carr, the citizens started to shun Red, as he did not surrender to Team Rocket, who started attacking. Bill went to Red and defended him, pointing out he was a Pokédex Holder and champion of the Pokémon League. Red didn't have his Pokédex and left in despair. However, Red sensed the thing was coming; Red went to battle the thing Carr described as Deoxys. Carr fled, so Bill went after him, seeing Carr had a Pokédex, but in black color. Bill demanded to know where Carr got that, but Carr continued to flee.[23] Bill watched as Sird appeared and used the shards of Red and Blue Orbs, dubbed as Ruby and Sapphire stones, to unlock Deoxys' Speed Form. After Sird and Carr disappeared,[24] Bill called Ultima, Blue and Green to come help Red, who was defeated by Deoxys.[25] As they were camping on Five Island, Bill confirmed that Deoxys' Speed Form was unlocked. Red ran away, feeling the Professor Oak requested to give the Pokédex away because he was not worthy of it. Bill wondered if Blue wanted to go after Red, but Blue claimed they didn't need "wimps" and had to discuss strategy.[24] Without further ado, Bill continued his work on repairing the storage system.[26]

As everyone went away, Bill was the only man left on Five Island. Celio came to him, since he was being chased on One Island. Since they needed help, they contacted the sisters, Brigette and Lanette.[27] Brigette was worried how the people on the phone sounded weird, but was told by Lanette to turn off the speakers. Thus, Bill and Celio told the sisters the deal about Team Rocket and Deoxys. Brigette wished to know the answer, but compared Deoxys to Spinda and Unown, who had different appearances, but Celio told her Deoxys looked the same. Brigette thought it was similar to Castform, a fact Lanette confirmed, since Castform did change, depending on the climate and the weather. Bill and Celio realized they were right, since Deoxys shifted Normal and Speed forms in Kanto, while the remains of the Red and Blue Orbs produced climate alike Hoenn, allowing Deoxys to change into Attack and Defense forms as well. Bill and Celio thanked the sisters for the help, seeing they were, indeed, genius sisters.[28] Armed with this knowledge, Bill and Celio assaulted Team Rocket's base and recovered the Red and Blue Orb's shards. This made Giovanni's Deoxys unable to shift through some forms, as it was battling Red.[29]

Celio, along with Bill, was contacted by Blue, who reported Team Rocket's airship going to Vermilion City. The citizens of Sevii Islands heard this and remembered how they shunned Red, Green and Blue. Seeing they were wrong, the citizens urged the Pokédex Holders to stop the airship and save the people, which touched Bill and Celio.[30] The news of their success reached to Sevii Islands. As the citizens were cheering, Bill and Celio were informed the Pokédex Holders, including Yellow and Silver as well, were affected by a strange light that turned them into stone.[31]

Emerald arc

Bill was seen on one of the Seagallop ferries, sailing to the Battle Frontier.[32]

X & Y arc

Bill spoke with Cassius through the video link. Cassius claimed he had everything under control, though Bill was annoyed by his easy-go nature. Cassius claimed he had the control over the Kalos storage system and spoke in Bill's accent, insulting him. Bill was angry, but Cassius logged out, since his assistants reported something happening outside.[33]

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire arc

Bill spoke with Red over the computer, telling that Red and Blue Orbs were starting to change shape. Bill reminded about the Red and Blue Orbs Team Rocket had taken to control Deoxys. Red recalled the Orbs recreated a part of Hoenn climate. Bill confirmed that, stating Brigette and Lanette didn't report anything else about the Orbs, except that they stored natural energy. Red promised to visit Bill with Green, as Blue was absent. The following day, Red, Green and Daisy Oak were in shock that Bill was wounded, his lab was raided. Bill reported two people stole the Orbs; he showed on his tracking device where they went to, allowing Red and Green to pursue the attackers.[34]


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