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Biker is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation I. They are rowdy young men riding "bikes", although they appear to be motorcycles. In Generation I-III, they are depicted as skinny young men riding a motorcycle but by Generation IV, they have been buffed up as tougher and larger Bikers. They are commonly found hanging out with Roughnecks. Some Roughnecks and Bikers come together to form a tag-battling pair known as the Hooligans.


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In the manga

Bousouzoku King!
TheNewEditorAdded by TheNewEditor
In PMBW01, a biker called the Bousouzoku (Biker) King challenged Monta and Cheren to a battle, 1 vs 2. He sends out his Wargle to battle. Though Wargle damaged Monta's Snivy and Cheren's Tepig a lot, they use an Oran Berry to help their Pokémon heal themselves. Monta and Cheren tell their Pokémon to use a Combination Technique on Wargle and it fainted as a result.


  • A Biker in Pokémon Black and White challenges you in a triple battle.
  • In Japanese, they are called Gangsters, Wild-riding Gang or Bousouzoku.
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