Big Pecks (はとむね Pigeon Breast) is an ability introduced in Generation V.


In battle

Pokémon with this ability cannot have their Defense lowered by other Pokémon.

Pokémon with Big Pecks

As a natural ability

Pokémon Type
519 Pidove normal/flying
520 Tranquill normal/flying
521 Unfezant normal/flying
580 Ducklett water/flying
581 Swanna water/flying
629 Vullaby dark/flying
630 Mandibuzz dark/flying
661 Fletchling normal/flying
If any of the Pokémon were introduced before the generation that Big Pecks was introduced in, then they will not have it as a natural ability until then.

As a hidden ability

Pokémon Type
016 Pidgey normal/flying
017 Pidgeotto normal/flying
018 Pidgeot normal/flying
441 Chatot normal/flying
Hidden abilities were not introduced until Generation V, so if any of the Pokémon were introduced before that, then they will not have Big Pecks as a hidden ability until then.

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