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Bianca was a Pokédex holder of Unova along with Cheren and Black. Her starter was an Oshawott.


Bianca is a medium height, slim girl with short yellow-blonde hair and bright green eyes.

Black and White

Bianca wears a white shirt under a tangerine orange tank top, a tight fitting shin-length white skirt which gives her bottom half a wider shape, and a white bracelet on her left arm. She also wears a green beret with a white stripe running along the rim, orange tights and yellow pumps with white bows. Bianca also has a green fringed shoulder bag, which she wears on her right hip over her left shoulder.

Black 2 and White 2

Bianca sports red glasses, a low white V-neck top with a black top underneath, knee length green jogging bottoms, a green shoulder bag, orange boots with black soles and bows, green beret with a white bow and orange puffy coat, due to the recent coldness in Unova.


As a child, Bianca was cheerful and active, finding studying boring and looking for adventure.

Bianca is well-intentioned but clueless, also prone to burst into tears and throw fits. She is easily upset. However, she is still a sweet and cheerful character.


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When she was five years old, Bianca loved to play with her friends, Black and Cheren. However, her dad disapproved, fearing that she would be injured in their boyish games. The last straw was when her dad found out that Black had been using his Pokémon to play at battling.

Bianca was afraid that her dad would forbid her from playing with Black and Cheren, as he had threatened in the past, so she and the two boys went to apologize for using his Pokémon. But it wasn't enough and her dad did forbid Black from ever playing with Bianca, making Bianca cry and protest. Black then surprised them all by agreeing to Bianca's dad's terms, give up battling, in order to remain friends with Bianca.

Afterwards, Bianca noticed that Black became very studious, always at his books. She tried to convince him to play more with her, but her dad pulled her away, telling her to let him study. Black's sudden reticence frustrated Bianca, who found it extremely boring. However, she still spent time with him, and even followed him to the library, calling for him and Cheren to wait for her.

Bianca didn't completely understand when Black tried to explain his Pokémon League plans to her and Cheren. She followed them out near Route 1 and helped Black find a wild Pokémon, thinking it exciting, and obliviously rifled through tall grass searching for one. A Rufflet burst out at her, scaring her and causing her to shout sorry. The enraged Rufflet began to pull her hair.

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Black & White arc

Bianca is meant to receive a Pokémon from Professor Juniper, but she, Cheren, and Professor Juniper find Snivy and Oshawott unconscious in a mess in front of the lab. Bianca immediately claims Oshawott, telling Cheren that Snivy looks like him. She discovers that her Pokédex has been damaged and doesn't function. She and Cheren set out to find Black, who has the only working pokédex, but are stalled by Bianca's father, who is refusing to let her go.

She and Cheren do manage to leave. On Route 2, Bianca tries to capture an Audino but fails, making Cheren complain about her lack of focus; after all, they are supposed to be catching up to Black. They arrive at Striaton City, where they spot Black in a restaurant with a girl. Bianca is instantly irritated, saying that Black has been on a date while they've been searching for him. When they enter, Bianca starts to tell Black off, but Black explains that the girl is his boss.

Black's gym challenge starts and Bianca tries to help by jumping on the "fire" panel when naming the weakness of water; namely, it doesn't work, and Black gets angry with her. Chili appears on a screen and declares that the Gym Leaders will participate in a triple battle against Black, Bianca, and Cheren, even commenting that Bianca seems useless at type compatibilities and Black will have to teach her as they go.

Black does teach her, making Bianca brighten when she figures out the right answer.

They engage the gym leaders in battle, but Cilan's Pansage keeps heading off Bianca's Oshawott. Realizing that they're at a type disadvantage, Bianca declares that she won't give up and decides to fight harder, having her Oshawott block an attack with its scalchop and lose its temper. Bianca knocks out Chili's Pansear, but Pansage destroys Oshawott's scalchop and slams Oshawott into a wall with Vine Whip, knocking it out.

Bianca is surprised when at the end of the battle, Oshawott eats some of Pansage's leaves and is revived.

Though Bianca continues on her journey, her father's interference prevents her from training much.

She later meets White at Anville Town and gives White her pokédex. Bianca also befriends Meloetta.

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Black 2 & White 2 arc

After Cheren's tournament ended, Cheren introduced his friend Bianca, who gave Lack-Two and Whi-Two two Pokédex, as they were the winners of the tournament.[1] Later on, Cheren spoke with Bianca and hoped the two trainers that have the Pokédex won't misuse the devices. Cheren was troubled, since he still thought of Black, who went missing two years ago. Just then, Cheren got contacted by Drayden and admitted being a teacher was quite fine. Drayden informed him Alder retired from being a Champion, since he wanted younger people to take on the role. However, Drayden did warn them besides Reshiram and Zekrom, a third Unovian Legendary Dragon existed, named Kyurem. He wanted everyone to find it before Team Plasma, since Drayden was quite busy, hence why he appointed Iris as the Gym Leader. Drayden logged out, while Bianca commented Cheren was doing fine by being a teacher. Just then, a car nearly drove them over, as Bianca's father arrived. Bianca went into the car, while Cheren stated how the man could've killed them both.[2]

Bianca was in Fennel's lab in the frozen Striaton City. Cedric reported the Gym Leaders were gathering to fight off the Team Plasma's flying ship, but Roxie, Marlon and Cheren were nowhere to be found. Juniper tried to comfort Bianca, who was crying, fearing she could lose Cheren, too. However, Fennel made research and found out Black was still alive in Dream World, trapped in the Light Stone. Bianca yelled at her to point the location of the link to Dream World. Fennel stopped her, since she sent a person to go to Entralink. The person, White, contacted them, reporting she found the Light Stone at Entralink.[3]


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