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Bianca's Escavalier

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Bianca's Escavalier
ベルのシュバラゴ Beru's Shubarago
Bianca Escavalier
Trainer: Bianca
Debut: Crisis at Chargestone Cave!
Caught where: Near Chargestone Cave
Received from: Professor Juniper
Current location: With Bianca
Evolved: Less than 1 episode as a Karrablast
Evolves In: Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Traded to: Professor Juniper
Traded for: Bianca's Shelmet
Traded In: Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Original trainer: Professor Juniper

This Escavailer is a bug/steel-type Pokémon that used to belong to Professor Juniper when it was a Karrablast. It was traded for Bianca's Shelmet in Evolution Exchange Excitement!.


Escavalier appeared as a Karrablast in Evolution Exchange Excitement! where it was owned by Professor Juniper. Since Bianca wanted to trade her Shelmet for Karrablast, they managed to trade. Karrablast and Shelmet both evolved into Escavalier and Accelgor respectively.

Later, Escavalier started to disobey Bianca and chase her around until prof. Juniper suggested with her Accelgor to have a double battle against Ash's newly evolved Boldore and Cilan's newly evolved Crustle. During the battle Escavalier started to go on its own and ignored orders from Bianca. It ramdomly used attacks that were causing it and Accelgor to lose the match. However, when Escavalier was about to get hit by Boldore's Flash Cannon but was protected by Accelgors Substitute causing a lot a damage to Accelgor. But thanks to this sacrifice, it learned what its partner and trainer would do for it, and started to listen to Bianca. Accelgor recovered, and then they merged their two Hyper Beams to attack Crustle, but Boldore jumped in the way and was knocked out. Cilan and Crustle avenged their fallen teamates and defeated them both with Rock Wrecker.

It reappeared in Mission: Defeat Your Rival! where it was the first Pokémon used by Bianca in the Top 64 of the Unova league against Cameron's Samurott. It dodged two Hydro Cannons and a Razor Shell, used Iron Defense three times to maximize its defense. It was unscathed by a Razor Shell, but Cameron got another one of his brilliant plans and used Razor Shell to cause a shockwave inside of Escavalier's armour, knocking him out.

Known moves

Move Episode
Bianca Escavalier Fury Attack
Peck Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Take Down Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Fury Attack + Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Quick Guard Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Hyper Beam Evolution Exchange Excitement!
Iron Defense + Evolution Exchange Excitement!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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  • Escavalier never actually used Quick Guard, but it was proven to be able to use it in Evolution Exchange Excitement when Ash scanned it with his Pokédex.
  • Escavalier is the first Pokémon owned by main character that has evolved in a trade evolution.


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