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Bertha's Hippowdon
Japanese Name
Bertha Hippowdon
Trainer: Bertha
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Stream (not activated)
Debut: DP170: An Elite Coverup!
Current location: With Bertha

Bertha's Hippowdon is a Pokémon owned by Bertha.


Hippowdon was used when she battle Ash's Torterra. Hippowdon used Dig and then attacked Torterra with Iron Head from underground. When Torterra attempted to counter with Rock Climb Hippowdon intercepted the attack with another Iron Head. However Ash eventually noticed that the ground shook slightly whenever Hippowdon used Dig and when he saw the ground shake on Torterra's side, he warned the Continent Pokémon where the next Iron Head would come from allowing Torterra to avoid it. Torterra then inflicted serious damage with Leaf Storm. Hippowdon managed to endure the attack and used Dig again, this time causing the whole battlefield to shake instead of just a small part of it. Hippowdon then burst out of the ground, smashed Torterra with yet another Iron Head and then finished it with Fire Fang.

Known moves

Move Episode
Bertha Hippowdon Iron Head
Fire Fang An Elite Coverup!
Dig An Elite Coverup!
Iron Head An Elite Coverup!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.


Bertha's Hippowdon is female in the games but its colour shows that it is male in the anime.


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