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This article is about the class of an item.

Berries are small fruits that grow on berry trees. There is a large variety of berries including the basic Oran Berry and were introduced in Generation II as simple berries. It takes 48 hours for a berry tree to grow to full size and bear berries. They can be held by Pokémon to reduce the damage of an Attack or Restore health. They can also be used to increase a Pokémon's charm through PokéBlocks and Poffins, which is used to gain attraction by voters in Pokemon Contests.

Most trees in Gold, Silver, and Crystal replaced some Apricorn Trees with Berries like PZNCureBerry.

As known, Berries are not sold in Poké Marts

this formula will show how many berries one tree will bear

a= max number of berries
b= min number of berries
c= number of berries chosen at random between a and b
d= number of growth stages during watering



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