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Be an Arrow! 2013 is the remix of Be an Arrow! and the third opening of the Best Wishes 2: Episode N.



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♪ One swiftly running arrow!

One supple arrow! One thinking arrow! That's us now!

There are leisurely afternoons that cause yawns But with one cheer from someone, we gather together! Though there are times I get a shock and slow down I find my feet taking the liberty and myself still running!

I wonder to myself under the night stars if we'll be alright But honestly, that's not my job to wonder! "If you believe in your dreams, you will be definitely be fine" I reflect on my companions' words!

An arrow stronger than the rock! An arrow higher than the sky! An arrow kinder than everything! Yeah, someday that will be us!

Aim forward as an arrow! Let a lot of arrows shine! You are one of them too!! ♪

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