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Battle Points (or abbreviated as BP) are items won by trainers who can defeat other trainers in specific battling areas such as the Battle Frontier or the Battle Tower. They can be traded for rare items.

When the Battle Tower is introduced in Pokemon Crystal,each time the player defeated 7 trainers in a row, the attendants would award the player five stat-enchancing items at random, such as HP Up.

In Pokemon Emerald, with the first sighting of Battle Frontier,the concept of Battle Points was introduced. Players can receive their first Battle Points from Scott,who would give them away on the player's first visit to the Battle Frontier depending on how many times he and the player interacted throughout the game. This could be exchanged for rare items for the secret base, even moves that couldbe tutored to a Pokémon.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the concept was retained, even the area was restored to a Battle Tower. This time, Effort value-enchancing items were included. The Battle Factory in Pokémon Platinum also included this.

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