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Battle Maison
バトル・メイスン Battle Maison
Battle Maison
Information about Battle Maison
Region: Generation VI
Connecting locations: Kiloude City
Weather: None
Kind: Facility
Needed HM: Unknown

The Battle Maison is a new battle facility similar to the battle tower or the battle subway from the previous gens. It's located in Kiloude City and only accessible after beating the Elite Four. The goal is to beat the highest numbers of trainers in a row in single, double, triple, rotation or multi (doubles with 2 players) battles.


Identity Battle Style Pokemon
Nita Artwork Nita Single Battle First Battle (20th Battle)
040 326 432
Second Battle (50th Battle)
641 642 645
Evelyn ArtworkEvelyn Double Battle & Multi Battle First Battle (20th Battle)
053 057
417 457
Second Battle (50th Battle)
243 244
245 381
Dana ArtworkDana Triple Battle & Multi Battle First Battle (20th Battle)
082 203 219
221 547 691
Second Battle (50th Battle)
144 145 146
377 378 379
Morgan ArtworkMorgan Rotation Battle First Battle (20th Battle)
226 317
586 707
Second Battle (50th Battle)
380 638
639 640

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