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Battle Chatelaine is a type of Trainer Class introduced in Generation VI, only held by four sisters, Nita, Evelyn, Dana, and Morgan. They are the leaders of the Battle Maison. They use a set of legendary Pokémon, being the only trainers to do so in Pokémon X & Y.


  • The names of the Battle Chatelaines symbolize different points of a day:
    • Morgan = Morning
    • Dana = Day
    • Evelyn = Evening
    • Nita = Night
  • The colors and facial expressions are a nod to the Mood system in "Super Princess Peach":
    • Morgan, who has green hair and clothes and has a calm expression represents the Calm vibe.
    • Dana, who has red hair and clothes, has an angry look on her face, representing Rage or anger.
    • Evelyn, who has blue hair and clothes, has a sad and timid look to her, representing gloom.
    • Nita, who has yellow hair and clothes, has a happy look to her, representing the Joy vibe.
  • Their hairstyles all relate to the type of battles they take part in:
    • Nita, who takes part in Single Battles, has a single orange streak in her hair.
    • Evelyn, who takes part in Double Battles, has her hair divided into two clean halves, as well as two lighter blue streaks.
    • Dana, who takes part in Triple Battles, has three prominent curls in her hair.
    • Morgan, who takes part in Rotation Battles, styles her hair in a large rotating curl (like a drill).


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