Backpacker is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation V and appears again in Generation VI. They are young men and women wearing a large backpack.

They use many types of Pokémon but all of them have something in common: all Backpackers use only one Pokémon unless they are in a triple or rotation battle. Backpackers found in the Nimbasa Sports Dome give out Max Repels. They are often in mysterious places, indicating they are adventurous. They often use exclusive and rare Pokémon.


BW Male Battle Sprite

BW Female Battle Sprite



  • Backpackers usually only have one Pokémon but they appear to have many Poké Balls in their backpacks.
  • They are one of the most commonly found classes in Black and White.
  • Due to the Max Repels given to the player character, it could be depicted that inside of the Backpackers' backpack are surviving tools.

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