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BW100: Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!

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Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova Char. of the Day: None
Episode №: #756 Main: Ash, Iris, Cilan
Aired: JapanFlag Oct-11-2012 Recurring: Cynthia, Jervis
UnitedStatesFlag Feb-02-2013
Opening Theme: It's Always You and Me Minor: Moira, Mona, Sher, Ms. Chandler
Badge(s): Triobadge Basicbadge Insectbadge Boltbadge Quakebadge Jetbadge Freezebadge Toxicbadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Ash's Oshawott, Ash's Pignite, Ash's Snivy, Ash's Scraggy, Iris' Emolga, Cilan's Pansage, Moira's Cinccino, Mona's Lilligant, Sher's Roserade, Cottonee (Multiple), Swanna (Multiple)
Major event(s)
Ash and co. learn that the Unova League will take place in Vertress City.
Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova


With Team Rocket's latest plot averted to take over the Unova Region, and returning to Kanto for good, Ash and co. can focus on the Unova League in Vertress City since the invasion of Team Rocket is over as they leave Cynthia's vacation home in Undella Town behind. But before that, he, Iris and Cilan have to battle those three snooty girls who called themselves the "Flower Garden Troop". Their names are Moira, Mona, and Sher (who had their Cinccino, Lilligant, and Roserade) and Iris wanted to battle them to get her revenge after Moira called all of their pokemons unattractive which enraged her. They've manage to ask the market lady on where their headquarter is, and found it but there is one condition: No Boys Allowed, Girls Only. So (for the fourth time) Ash and (For the second time) Cilan have to dress like girls. Can they manage to beat the trio to calm Iris down?

Episode Plot

Team Rockets plans have now been crumbled and now the gang moves on. Cynthia tells Ash and friends that the Unova League will be held in Vertress City. Ash gets super excited about it. Jervis tells them, the best way to get there, is by going through Opelucid City. Iris hates that idea and asks Ash if they could go through the Village of Dragons? Ash agrees. They leave the Villa to head for Vertress City. While Ash and friends are walking, Ash decides to take a break. Cilan decides that they should have lucnch. They sent out all their Pokemon to eat lunch. Oshawott being greedy, eats all of Pignite's food. Pignite then uses flamethrower on Oshawott and they both began to fight. Ash and Pikachu try to separate them. Oshawott then uses Hydro Pump on Pignite, but misses and hits Emolga. Emolga is hit into a Cliff and is knocked out. Ash then demands that Pignite and Oshawott say that they are sorry.

Three girls then appear at the top of the cliff and say that Iris's Emolga is unattractive. Iris gets mad at her. The girl tells them that her name is Moira and her Pokemon Cinccino is the most beautiful in Unova. The girl Mona says her Pokemon Lilligant is the second most beautiful. The last girl Sher says her Roserade is the third most beautiful. Moira says she took her Pokemon out to get some fresh air, when Iris' unattractive Emolga attacked it. She also says Ash's Snivy is unattractive, as well as their other Pokemon. Iris gets mad and chases after the van they get into. Cilan then asks a woman if shes seen a flower bus go by. She says its the Flower Garden Troops Bus. Cilan doesn't know who they are, so the woman says they are the most famous Theater Troop in Unova. Cilan asks for directions to their Headquarters, but the woman tells them men are not allowed in. Iris wants to get payback. She, Ash and Cilan have to dress up as girls too. As well as their Pokemon. They walk into the Headquarters and say that they are friends of Moira. They look for the girls in the HQ and Mona comes out of a room. She asks about the 3 girls (Ash, Cilan, and Iris). Iris says that she and her friends came to watch The Flower Garden Troop practice. Mona starts to get suspicious about Iris. Moira then says that they are welcome to see them rehearse. She then tells them that their costumes are beautiful and that they are clever. Iris then tells them their names are Iris, Ashley, and Cilanoir. Moira then insists that they at "ette" to the end of their Pokemons names and that their prettier.

They watch as they practice and Moira wants their Pokemon to walk on a balance beam. Moira then opens up a door on the floor which as mud in it. She says that will have a contest to see whos Pokemon is more beautiful. Iris accepts the challenge. Pansage and Roseradette then faceoff against each other. Pansage jumps forward missing Roseradette and going into the mud letting her win. Next its Lilligantette and Emolga. Emolga gets pushed off, but recovers by flying around Lilligantette and pushing it into the mud making Emolga the winner. Cinccino and Snivy now are against each other. Snivy almosts falls in, but jumps on Cinccino at the last second. Cinccino then leaps forward, Snivy grabs her and puts Cinccino into the mud. Cinccino then gets out and isn't affected by it because of its Oily white fur. Iris then gets very upset at that.

Moira then takes them to a battle field. She tells them that they have a special in which if the Pokemon loses, they both Trainer and Pokemon must be covered in mud. Iris and Sher start to battle. Roseradette then uses Poison Sting, Emolga dodges and uses discharge, but Roseradette dodges it. It then uses Bullet Seed and Emolga dodges it and almost falls into the mud, but doesn't. Emolga then uses discharge again hitting Roseradette. Roseradette then uses Bullet Seed and Emolga dodges, but gets hit with Energy Ball and flies away from the mud. Emolga then finishes Roseradette with Hidden Power knocking both Sher and Roseradette into the mud. Pansage and Lilligantette then start to battle. Pansage uses Bullet Seed on Lilligantette, but she dodges. Lilligantette then uses Leech Seed, but misses because Pansage used dig quickly. Pansage come back up out of the hole covered in mud. Cilan, Ash, and Iris then find out that there is mud under the arena. Lilligantette then uses Energy Ball on Pansage knocking Cilan and Pansage into the mud. Iris really wants payback now. Ash and Snivy then want to battle Moira, but Iris steps in saying she wants to battle with Snivy. Iris and Moira start to battle each other. Cinccino then uses Tail Slap on Snivy. Snivy then uses Vine Whip, but misses and Cinccino uses Rock Blast. Snivy dodges the Rock Blasts. Snivy then uses Leaf Storm, but that misses too. Cinccino then uses Hyper Beam and Snivy successful dodges and uses Leaf Storm again, but misses. Cinccino then uses Giga Impact, but Snivy dodges it. Iris then says for Snivy to use Leaf Storm once more, but Cinncino hits it away and uses Tail Slap. Snivy then intercepts it with Vine Whip and then uses Leaf Blade on Cinncino knocking her and Moira into the mud. Cinccino then tries to shake off the mud, but can't Iris tells them that all those Leaf Storm weren't just missing on purpose, but taking off Cinccino's Oil as well. Iris says taking a mud bath would suit them well and laughs.

A woman by the name of Ms. Chandler comes on to the battle field clapping saying it was a wonderful battle. She then asks them if they would like to appear on the Flower Garden Troop stage. They all say that they have to pass on that offer. They all run out of the headquarters and Ms. Chandler asks if they would reconsider. They say no and that they have to go. Ash and his friends return the costumes to the shop and Ash asks if Iris is alright now. She says she is now that she got payback. They all now head to Vertress City. As the journey continues.


Ash 4, Cilan 2

Ash and Cilan masquerading as girls.

  • This is the fourth time in the series that Ash crossdressed as a girl. Though it is the second time for Cilan since BW071: Climbing the Tower of Success! when he dressed up as Elesa for the impression contest in the "Wishing Bell Festival".
  • This is the second time Ash looked up Cinccino on the PokéDex since during the 2nd round of the World Tournament Junior Cup when one Cinccino is owned by Horatio. But the difference is, it didn't say "the evolved form of Minccino".
  • This episode is also the second time Ash looked up Lilligant on the Pokedex since BW061: Stopping the Rage of Legends! (Part 1).
  • This is the second time Ash looked up on all three Pokémon on the PokéDex since Ash's first gym battle in Striaton City.
  • This is the second time Pignite had a fight with Oshawott when he stole his food again when it was a Tepig.
  • This episode is the 100th episode in the BW series.
  • Moira breaks the fourth wall in this episode.
  • Lisa Ortiz retuns to voice Mizuki.
  • Bella Hudson voices Miss Chandler.
  • Who's that Pokémon?: US: Roserade. JP: Cinccino
  • This episode is the second in which Ash had to be called Ashley. The first was IL026: Pokémon Scent-sation!.
  • To make himself look like a female, Pikachu has attached a heart shape to the end of his tail, a feature which was first seen in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.


  • When Ash used his PokéDex, instead of saying "Cinccino, the Scarf Pokémon and the evolved form of Minccino" It said "Cinccino, the Scarf Pokémon", making it not seem evolved and it did the same thing with the other evolved Pokémon.


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