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Expedition to Onix Island! (イワークの島でサバイバル!)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies Char. of the Day: None
Episode №: #743 Main: Ash, Iris, Cilan, Dawn, Brock (Fantasy)
Aired: JapanFlag Jul-05-2012 Recurring: Jessie, James, Jervis
UnitedStatesFlag Nov-10-2012
Opening Theme: Rival Destinies Minor: Jervis
Badge(s): Triobadge Basicbadge Insectbadge Boltbadge Quakebadge Jetbadge Freezebadge Toxicbadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Team Rocket's Meowth, Ash's Oshawott, Dawn's Piplup, Iris' Excadrill, Cilan's Pansage, Meloetta, Onix (Multiple; one Shiny), Krabby, Magnemite, Foongus, Kingler, Staryu, Woobat (Multiple), Tynamo (Multiple)
Major event(s)
Dawn's Piplup knows Headbutt. Dawn's Piplup learns Water Pulse. Ash's Oshawott learns Hydro Pump.
Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies


A relaxing day at the beach, fun in the sun, and a whole horde of Onix! Just as Ash and co. are spending their time to have fun and start their expedition on Onix Island after they arrive here turns out to be a quest for survival as they try to avoid one Onix attack after another. The worst part is Iris, Dawn and Axew are separated for the group when they ran away in opposite directions trying to get out of the cave. Will they find the guys again and get out of here? And will Dawn's Piplup and Ash's Oshawott ever get along instead of fighting over for Meloetta since she comes along?



Meloetta (Pirouette Form)


The "Who's That Pokémon?" is Onix.

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