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BW074: A Clubsplosion of Excitement!

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A Clubsplosion of Excitement!
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies Char. of the Day: Betty
Episode №: #730 Main: Ash, Iris, Cilan
Aired: JapanFlag Mar-29-2012 Recurring: Stephan, Bianca, Burgundy, Georgia, Don George, Trip, Nurse Joy
UnitedStatesFlag Jul-28-2012
Opening theme: Rival Destinies Minor: Freddy O'Martin, Betty, Angus, Getty, Montgomery, Referee
Badge(s): 22x22px Basicbadge 22x22px Boltbadge Quakebadge Jetbadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Iris' Excadrill, Stephan's Sawk, Montgomery's Throh, Trip's Conkeldurr, Burgundy's Dewott, Georgia's Bisharp, Betty's Simipour, Bianca's Emboar, Ash's Scraggy, Cilan's Pansage
Major event(s)
Bianca wins her battle against Trip, Ash battles Betty and wins, Stephan battles Cilan and wins, Montgomery battles Iris and wins, Bianca battles Georgia and wins, Ash and Bianca learn that they will face Montgomery and Stephan respectively in the Semi-Finals.
Pokémon: BW Rival Destinies

Episode Plot

Things are really heating up now as the Clubsplosion Tournament Final Match of round 1 concludes and ends with Bianca and her Emboar as the winner (How lucky is she? This must also be a real bubble burster for Trip, and Conkeldurr being beaten by clumsy Bianca, and Emboar when they have no idea that Emboar could use Fling, to toss the stones back after he caught those from Conkeldurr's Stone Edge. Also, Emboar can easily steal both of the concrete pillars from Conkeldurr's and send them back with Fling again to win it). The Next Day after Trip departs from yesterday, the match-ups for round 2 have been decided: Georgia will go up against Bianca, Betty and her Simipour will have it out for Ash and Scraggy for beating her brother Angus and his Simisage, Stephan will battle Cilan and Montgomery will fight Iris. What will the results for this next batch of battles be? The Match-Ups of round 2 begins now!

Advancing to the next round

  • Bianca
  • Montgomery
  • Stephan
  • Ash

Quarter-Final Match-ups

Advancing to the Semi-finals

  • Stephan
  • Ash
  • Bianca
  • Montgomery

Semi-final Match-ups

  • Stephan Vs. Bianca
  • Montgomery Vs. Ash


Georgia: Bisharp's blades could be a teensy problem don't you think? Will give you the first attack and then will.(interrupted)

Bianca: Use Flamethrower!

Bianca's Emboar: EM-BOAR! (using flamethrower on Bisharp).

Georgia's Bisharp: BIIIIIIII-SHARP! (while trying to deflect it).


Georgia when she's been goofed.


  • This is the third time Trip's Muscular Pokemon gets defeated by Ash's friends. First was Ash himself and his Oshawott against Trip and Timburr in BW034: Ash and Trip's Third Battle!. Second was Cilan and Dwebble against his Gurdurr in the Don Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town in BW042: Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!. This time, his Conkeldurr gets defeated by Bianca and her Emboar.
  • That's the second time Trip leaves the tournament behind him in order to become strong to defeated Alder in a long way (sort of) when he's defeated since the last Don Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town.
  • Although he met Alder once again a few years later then in Nimbasa City and never gets the chance to battle him because he wants to see what his strategy is by letting Ash battle him in BW054: Ash Versus The Champion!.
  • This is the second time Georgia's Sword Blade Pokemon gets defeated by Ash's friends. First was Ash and Snivy against her Pawniard in the Don Battle Tournament in Nimbasa Town in BW043: The Club Battle Hearts of Fury, Emolga Versus Sawk!. This time Bisharp gets beaten by Bianca's Emboar again.
  • This is the only episode when Bianca and her Emboar defeated two of Ash's friend's rivals in a row for them. First was Trip she defeated his Conkeldurr for Ash, and now she defeated Georgia's Bisharp for Iris.
  • This would be the first episode when Cilan's Evaluation Time was interrupted.
  • Who's that Pokémon? US: Emboar


Georgia's been goofed considering her speech about letting Bianca made the first attack would waste time in which she should've known better then to talk less and more battling.

Also, Georgia should've known better not to make the wrong judgement of taking the first attack instead.

Although Georgia and Bisharp had lost when they underestimate Bianca and Emboar consider that Emboar is both Fire/Fighting-type, Steel-types are very weak against both while battling at close range.

It's true that Iris said that close-up fighting against Bisharp could put Emboar at a disadvantage because of those blades. But when you use only Fire-type attacks against the Steel-type Pokemon at close range like Flamethrower, Emboar won't be at a disadvantage at all.

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