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Movie Time! Zorua in "The Legend of the Pokemon Knight"! (ゾロア・ザ・ムービー!ポケモンナイトの伝説!!)
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Black & White Char. of the Day: Luke
Episode №: #697 Main: Ash, Iris, Cilan
Aired: JapanFlag Jun-30-2011 Recurring: Luke, Jessie, James
UnitedStatesFlag Oct-22-2011
Opening Theme: Black and White Minor: Movie Characters, Citizens
Badge(s): Triobadge Basicbadge Insectbadge Setting: Unknown
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Luke's Zorua, Luke's Golett (Debut), Leavanny, Team Rocket's Meowth, James' Yamask, Jessie's Woobat,Cilan's Pansage, Golurk (Debut), Escavalier (Debut), Ash's Oshawott, Ash's Tranquill, Ash's Snivy, Ash's Swadloon, Iris' Emolga
Major event(s)
Pokémon: Black & White


With Nimbasa City drawing closer, Ash and Co. check out an ad for the Wonder Launcher and right in front of their eyes was the girl from the ad. However, they find that the girl that was in front of them was actually Zorua, the mischievous, shape-shifting Tricky Fox Pokémon. They also meet its trainer, a young boy named Luke and his Golett. Luke explained that while working on a movie, Zorua got all moody and ran off. Later Ash and co. decide to help Luke by becoming actors in the film so that Zorua will only have one role. Will the movie be a big hit? And will Ash and co. get a new travelling companion?

Episode Plot

Suddenly, a movie appears on a screen, featuring two trainers using Escavalier and a Gorluk. The heroes arrive and watch it, making Cilan very excited. The heroes admit they love movies. Suddenly, the actress oft he Wonder Launcher movie appears and transforms into Iris and into a Zorua. A boy runs towards them, wanting Zorua back. Zorua transforms into Pikachu, so the boy mistakes Ash's Pikachu to be his Zorua and gets electrocuted. Zorua transforms into Axew, so the boy searches through Iris' hair. The boy uses the Poke Ball to call Zorua, who uses Shadow Ball instead. The boy tells his Zorua, who is female is the lead actress in his movie. The boy is Luke, who aims to make a new movie.

He tells Zorua is the actor, for she can change into many characters and Pokémon. However, when he was making a scene, he asked her to transform into a knight and a pirate, but Zorua kept changing into a princess before running away. Team Rocket spies as the heroes try to find Zorua. They come to the theatre, where Luke was watching movies. He also saw there was always the lead actress watching the movie. When he came down, he encountered Zorua, who agreed to act in his movies. Suddenly, an old man comes, so Luke introduces the heroes to Mr. Matthews, the manager, who reports Zorua is inside.

The heroes come inside and see a princess. Luke tells Zorua plays as the princess, the main character in his movie. Zorua is angry, so Cilan believes she wants to play only the role of the princess. Luke does not know how can he make a movie with one character, so Cilan proposes he, Ash and Iris can participate in the movie. Luke is pleased and sends Leavanny, who goes to make costumes, while he goes to make a script. After everyone made costumes, gear and set, they go to sleep. Later, Luke tells the heroes the plot. A pirate captain stole the princess, who holds the secret of the kingdom's treasure. The knight has to seek a Dragon Master, who gives her advice after a battle. In the final scene, the knight defeats the captain and rescues the princess.

Ash is pleased he is the main character, but Iris corrects him, as the main character is the princess. She thinks it is bad Cilan plays the role of the antagonist, though Cilan replies he is vital to the plot and gives the movie some depth. Later, they arrive to the set, where the movie can be documented. The Pokémon Knight demands from the captain the princess. Luke stops, as Ash is too nervous. Cilan tells Ash to become one with the character he is playing, but Ash does not know what he is talking about. Luke explains to give all what he has to offer. They repeat the scene, so the Knight orders Pikachu to use Electro Ball. The captain's Pansage retaliates with Solarbeam, allowing the captain to escape with the princess, with Iris borrowing the voice for the princess. Luke is pleased by the scene and moves onwards.

The knight asks the Dragon Master where the Princess is, but the Dragon Master will tell him if he defeats her. Pikachu uses Electro Ball, so Axew tries to dodge, but fails and gets hit. Luke stops the scene, thinking Pikachu will have to slow down, as Axew is not fast. Cilan advises Axew could retaliate with Dragon Rage. The scene is repeated, so Axew uses Dragon Rage, countering Electro Ball. The Dragon Master tells the Knight he needs to prove he is strong enough. Axew uses Dragon Rage, though Pikachu uses Electro Ball, followed with Thunderbolt, to stop Dragon Rage. The Dragon Master disappears, acknowledging the knight's will and courage to find the princess. Meanwhile, Team Rocket observes.

Before the third scene, Luke tells them that he will keep the camera rolling, so they must not stop. Ash asks what if they stop, so Cilan answers they need to improvise, so they cannot stick to the script too much. In third scene, the knight needs to rescue the princess from the captain, for the princess was forced to open the path to the Treasure Cave. Pansage uses Bullet Seed, but misses due to Pikachu's Quick Attack. Pikachu uses Electro-Ball, powered with Thunderbolt, stopping Solarbeam and defeating Pansage and the Captain. Suddenly, Team Rocket's Yamask and Woobat attack them, appearing in a saucer and stealing the princess (who transforms into Zorua). Gollet uses Shadow Ball, destroying Team Rocket's saucer. The captain says Team Rocket possessed him, so he reveals to be a Sorcerer, while the Dragon Master appears as well. Pansage uses Bullet Seed on the cage, freeing Zorua, while Axew uses Dragon Rage to hit Team Rocket. Woobat uses Gust, engulfing Zorua, who gets saved by Ash's Tranquill.

Yamask uses Shadow Ball, and despite being countered by Electro Ball, Zorua falls down. Meowth appears in front of Zorua, who transforms into a female Meowth, charming him. Jessie and James scold Meowth, so Zorua uses Night Daze to defeat Team Rocket, who fly away in jetpacks. The Sorcerer tells Zorua is saved from Team Rocket, while the Dragon Master disguised herself, for she takes off the disguise, for she is the real princess. The Sorcerer and the Knight promise to the princess they will protect her. The princess promises to make a better world for the Pokemon, ending the movie. The movie is appreciated by the audience and Mr. Matthews himself is pleased, although he says that the battle scenes could have been more exciting. He advises Luke to go to the Battle Tournament at Nimbasa City. The heroes hear that, so they go with Luke, intending on participating in the Tournament.





  • This is the episode with the longest English title, with 52 characters.
  • When Cilan advised Ash how to act in the movie, he mentioned a film "Yamask of the Opera". That is a reference to the Phantom of the Opera.
  • Who's That Pokémon?: Zorua (US)
  • Like "Lights, Camera, Quack-tion" episode, the heroes and their Pokémon help out by making a movie.
  • Zorua's transformation as a female Meowth looks similar to Meowzie, Meowth's love interest.


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