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BW016: Rematch at the Nacrene Gym!

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Rematch at the Nacrene Gym
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: Black & White Char. of the Day: Lenora
Episode №: #673 Main: Ash, Iris, Cilan
Aired: JapanFlag Jan-13-2011 Recurring: Lenora, Hawes, Nurse Joy, Don George
UnitedStatesFlag May 21, 2011
Opening theme: Black and White Minor: None
Badge(s): 22x22px Basicbadge Setting: Nacrene City, Nacrene City Gym, Pinwheel Forest
Pokémon: Ash's Pikachu, Iris' Axew, Ash's Tepig, Ash's Oshawott, Lenora's Watchog, Lenora's Herdier
Major event(s)
Ash challenges Lenora Nacrene City Gym Leader again and wins his second Unova badge. Ash's Oshawott learns Aqua Jet and Ash's Tepig learns Flame Charge.
Pokémon: Black & White

Episode Plot

After losing to Lenora, Ash decides to train at the Nacrene Battle Club. Not only do his Pokémon have to train to be stronger, he has to train with them. Don George puts Ash and his two Pokémon, Tepig and Oshawott, through simulated training. As a result, Oshawott now knows Aqua Jet and Tepig (like Bianca's Pignite) knows Flame Charge. Will it be enough to beat Lenora, especially since her cute little Lillipup has evolved into a Herdier?

The episode begins with Ash, Iris and Cilan visiting the Pokemon Center. Ash leaves his Pokemon to be healed. Because of his lost to Lenora, Ash decides to improve his own and those of his Pokemon's. He decides to spend his day at the Nacrene City Gym.

Don George attends to Ash's training. The first course was to improve speed by evading the balls while training on a walking mat. Ash brings his Tepig out and improves their own skills. While Tepig was (mostly) successful in dodging, Ash was hit by the ball.

In 2nd course, Ash brings Oshawott, and they swim together, in order to increase their strength. While they are managing fine, Iris's Axew presses some buttons, which makes the stream Ash and Oshawott are swimming in flow faster. While Ash was knocked out, Oshawott manages to learn Aqua Jet attack! He attempts to hit the target, but fails to do.

Ash comes to the walking mat again with Tepig. They manage to evade all the balls, with Tepig learning a new attack, Flame Charge and destroying all balls!

Ash comes to the museum, challenging Lenora to a new battle! Ash brings Tepig out, while Lenora brings Herdier out. Tepig attacks Herdier, but Herdier makes his move in which both Pokemons are rezurned and bringing Oshawott and Watchdog out.

Oshawott attacks Watchdog, but Watchdog electrifies Oshawott, making Oshawott's attacks pointless. In one moment, however, with his shell, Oshawott deflects Watchdog'a attack and tries his Aqua Jet move. In both attempts he fails to do so and with Watchdog's attck, he becomes confused. Unexpectedly, Oshawott attempts for 3rd time the Aqua Jet move, defeating Watchdog, but hurting himself, so both are out!

Tepig and Herdier are back in game. While Herdier's Shadow Balls are powerful, Tepig stands still on his 4 feet. Both Herdier and Tepig make their final move, Charge! In the end, Herdier lost, forcing Lenora to give her badge to Ash.

Ash, Iris and Cilan travel to their next destination.


Pokémon Characters

  • Herdier



  • This is the first time since the very first episode that Jessie, James and Meowth did not appear in an episode.
  • This is the third time Ash use Oshawott and Tepig in a gym battle. First was BW005: Triple Leaders, Team Threats, to BW006: Dreams by the Yard Full!. Even though they got defeated once in the last episode.
  • Professor Oak's Live Caster: Scolipede
  • Who's That Pokemon?: Herdier (US)


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