- (-) is a chapter Pokémon Adventures manga.


N confronts White, and explains his motives on battling Team Plasma and Kyurem. Ghetsis sees his former son approaching on Zekrom, and boards on Kyurem to stop them.

Chapter Plot

White stares at N, who is silent. Sensing someone behind her, White sends her Pokémon out to battle. However, neither N nor Zekrom fight, as White realizes they didn't come to battle, and asks whether they came to steal the Light Stone. N smiles, asking if White can hear the Pokémon's voices. He senses both Amanda and Gigi have been raised with love, and is glad to have entrusted the two Pokémon to White. White shakes her head, asking why did he come. More importantly, White, who trembles, questions why Reshiram reverted to the Light Stone, while Zekrom remained intact. N admits he does not know the reason behind this. He does know this meeting is Zekrom's will, and only it knows the answers behind these questions. Suddenly, Zekrom takes White, and boards on it, explaining Zekrom wants to go somewhere with the Light Stone.

White wonders where to, as N explains the target is Kyurem. As they fly away, N asks White about Kyurem. White has been told by Drayden that Kyurem was fused with Reshiram and Zekrom as one dragon. Once the dragon split, the remaining shell became Kyurem. N tells Kyurem has called out to two Legendary Pokémon to take them into itself. White is shocked to hear this, while N believes the stronger Kyurem becomes, the more it calls out to Zekrom, who will eventually not be able to fight Kyurem at all. White reminds about the flying ship that freezes cities. N nods, knowing well Ghetsis and his allies are controlling Kyurem to attack Unova. White fears that if Zekrom fuses with Kyurem, N will attempt to become the "King of Team Plasma" once more. N denies this, but knowing White will doubt him, he decides to prove this through his actions. He proclaims he is liberated from control from Team Plasma, and he won't let them attack Unova.

It is why N swears to stop Ghetsis, Team Plasma and Kyurem. He continues, explaining when Kyurem called out to Zekrom, the Light Stone appeared in front of them. However, once they were close to Entralink, the Light Stone changed course and landed on that location. He believes the Light Stone landed just so she could find it. White gasps, and looks at the Light Stone. N stops the moment, as they gaze at the flying ship. Suddenly, Kyurem is alerted. Colress is told there is something approaching them, which Colress recognizes as Zekrom. Colress is happy, as his predictions that Kyurem was calling out to something to fuse with was fulfilled. Ghetsis smiles, since he also sees his "former" son. A grunt reports Kyurem is behaving violently, but Colress anticipated this, and decides to go out to confront Zekrom. Ghetsis stops him, for N will certainly make this attack, but knows well about his weaknesses.

For that, Colress gives Ghetsis the remote for the control of Kyurem. Colress reminds it is unwise to go easy on N, due to paternal love. Ghetsis questions that, since he never really loved N. With the hatch opened, Ghetsis, on Kyurem, flies off to confront N in a parent-child battle.