Lights, Camera...Action! (VSデンチュラ VS Galvantula) is the 1st chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 44.


White's BW Agency is doing wonders in production but how will she take to Black when she sees him reciting his dream?

Chapter Plot

A commercial for Xtransceiver is in the making. The director tells the actress in the commercial to giggle more, which she does, but the director tells her really giggle. A man, from the company who is paying for the commercial, tells White that her Pokémon are pros, to which she thanks. He also tells her that the Pokémon look great and are natural actors, with her saying that her company guarantees customer satisfaction. She tells him that he can call her anytime for a Pokémon scene and promise to meet the needs of the customer and that the BW Agency is always there.

White overhears the director arguing with the assistant director. White questions what the situation is. His reply is that there is someone in the background. He tells his assistant to tell the guy to shove off. He tells the guy to go. The director tells everyone to move to the real shot. Suddenly, a blast of noise knocks everyone over. The sound turns out to be Black reciting his dream at the edge of the cliff, with White and the director covering their ears to what he is saying. White compliments that he voice carries, with the director questioning if someone is filming an educational video on hyperactive children. The assistant director tells him could he move. Black asks why and the assistant director tells him that they are filming a TV commercial. Black tells him that he's in the middle of announcing his dream to the sun, sky and sea. The assistant tells him he can't but Black goes back to reciting.

The director says that the warm weather is bringing out the weirdo's and asks White if she brought the Pokémon for tomorrow's filming, with her confirming so. White overhears while crouched down to her box that the BW Agency has a male and female Tepig, leading to her fretting. She was told to bring one female Tepig and that's it, but due to how many people the request has to go through, the most important part is dropped out. She blames the assistant director what’s happened. The assistant comes running over to the director that Black won't stop following him. Black tells them about the Pokémon League and that it’s one year from the day it's being held. He goes on but the director interrupts him in saying that he needs to go.

Black decides to go but as he and his Pokémon are going, Tep sees that female Tepig in the Poké Ball. He presses the button and releases it. They bounce around and bump noses. White calls for the female Tepig, Gigi to come back but notices Tep is a male. Black tells Tep to lets go. White, suddenly, introduces herself to Black, to which, he also introduces himself to her. While dragging him with her to the production team, she asks if he was free at two o'clock the next day, making him ask what she is talking about.

They get to the production team and see that a few of them have been knocked off their feet. She asks what's happened. The producer starts blaming Black for the whole conundrum and as the director is going on, the assistant suggests they call the police, to where White starts to panic. Worrying about Black, the order not being fulfilled and that tomorrow's film shoot will be ruined. She tells them to calm down as there is no proof of him being responsible. Black abrasively tells White that she doesn't need to stand up for him as he can prove his own innocence. He tells everyone not to move.

Black puts Musha on his head with a startled White telling him what he's doing. Black sees the culprit in his mind but tells everyone the clues first. Five people are unconscious, first being that the unconscious people were holding metal objects, second, there is a scorched scent around them and third, the unconscious are lying in a circle. Black put on his electric-resistant gloves and notices something shiny and uses Tep to make it seen. A wire is exposed and with it, White questions what it is. Black tells her not to touch it as it's electrical. He uses Brav to put him in the opposite direction of the wire to pull it up from the ground.

As he pulls it up, a Galvantula comes up from the ground. Black explains to White that Galvantula created traps by spinning an electrically charged web, which the five crew members got electrocuted by. Galvantula throws a thread at the crew but Black blocks it. White tells him to run he firmly says that she must be kidding as he says that he'll never get into the Pokémon League if he doesn't face danger and that his Pokémon will never let him down. White is impressed by Tepigs reflexes but asks how he’ll defeat Galvantula. He tells her to watch and as he said that, he tells Tepig to do its stuff by using Ember on the threads, which causes all the fire damage to go back to Galvantula. Once all the smoke dissipated from the attack, Galvantula was defeated.

The director is grateful but all the grass is burned and all the equipment is fried. He asks what Black should or about it but Black simply says that he can't do anything. White graciously tells the director that BW Agency will cover the cost. He asks why but with a simple answer, she says that he works for her, to the shock of Black. She tells Black that they may as well call it a day and to call her boss. Overlooking the whole situation that happened, an older teenager cries that he sees more people exploit Pokémon.