Black's First Trainer Battle (VSモンメン VS Cottonee) is the 8th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 43.


Black’s first battle is underway and the stakes are high, but how will he cope when the nearby land is caught alight?

Chapter Plot

Black tells Tep the ways of training but tells Tepig, he's never fought anyone in a fully-fledged battle before. He tells Tep that some people think Pokémon battles are uncivilised, Bianca's parents are strict and that Cheren worries what adults think of him, those being the reasons why they won't battle him. The only thing he could do to train Musha and Brav is by battling each other and by battling wild Pokémon. He also says that now he's on his journey, he bets that he'll meet lots of trainer to battle.

Black calls out to the rocky terrain to see if there are any trainers around whom he could battle. No-one replies so he walks further out to see if there is anyone around. Suddenly, Black walks into something and falls to the ground. He thinks he's walked into a huge rock but it turns out to be a hiker. The hiker heard his request and accepts his challenge. He introduces himself as Andy and sends out three Pokémon, Blitzle, Cottonee and Roggenrola. Black is shocked to she he's a trainer. Andy asks Black what his goal in life is. He tells him his goal and compliments that it's a fine goal. Black sees that he's using his three Pokémon in battle and frantically looks through his guide to see what type of battle it is. He sees it's a Triple Battle.

Black brings out Tep, Musha and Brav for battle. Roggenrola, Blitzle and Cottonee use Rock Slide, Tail Whip and Razor Leaf on Black's Pokémon. He orders Tep, Musha and Brav to use Flame Charge, Psybeam and Aerial Ace. Black comments to himself how different a battle with a trainer feels and that he hasn't fought a battle like this, aiding to his study on battles. Black understands that Cottonee is a Grass type and that Tep is a Fire type, with Tep being adjacent from Cottonee, he can use moves against it.

He commands Tep to use Flame Charge against Cottonee. Andy prepares for a counter but gets to hot due to the attack. He runs off to his backpack to drink some water. As he's drink, Black wonders what he's doing. Andy suddenly spots that his Pokémon are knocked out and cries that he lost again. With his loss, he feels that he should retire. Black questions why but Andy admits that in truth, he only acts he's confident when in actuality, he feels he’s a rotten trainer.

He questions Black that did he know that you need eight Gym Badges, in which Black says yes. He goes on to tell that when he was younger, he started to collect badges but always gave up halfway and when the Pokémon League, he would be one of the spectators. He tells that year after year, it was the same until he gave up his dream and now waits for trainer on Route 1 and only challenges trainer who he thinks can't beat him. Andy tells that he lost a battle to a trainer who has never battled before, to which Black says that he ran off. Andy replies that that's the problem, he can’t take heat since he gets woozy and thirsty when his opponent uses fire moves.

Black shouts and questions about Andy's Pokémon and their dreams, which Andy says that he doesn't think they do since Cottonee, for example, doesn't bother with him anymore. Black notices that it's pretty hot with Andy telling him that he's sweating. Soon, they see the field on fire. Black does a handstand so Brav can pick him up and Musha can clear his mind.

Once up in the air, Black tries to find the source of the fire but then prioritises to stop the fire first. He sees a large rock. He jumps off and tells Brav to pick up the rock and throw it in the river nearby. Andy tells him it's no use but Black, feeling optimistic, says that he needs to pull himself together and help him. He tells Andy to use his Cottonee to use Cotton Spore at the pillar of water. Andy tells Cottonee to use Cotton Spore at the water, to which Black tells Brav to pick them up and scatter them over the fire-laden area.

Black comes to the conclusion that the fire started with Cottonee playing the smoldering fire from Tep's attack before. Andy becomes enraged at Cottonee but Black tells him to chill out. Black thinks that Cottonee was playing with the fire so it could overcome its weakness to fire. Andy questions what Mush was doing to Black, he replies in saying that it eats his dream of winning the Pokémon League so he can think clearly. He worries if Black's dream will disappear but Black reassures that his dream will never die. Black suggests he shouts what he shouts. He teaches it to him. Black departures from Andy and thinks to him that Andy will overcome his weakness and enter the Pokémon League. He tells his Pokémon that their next stop is Striaton City. However, man with green hair watches them.





Flame Charge


Dub edits

In Viz Media edition, the scene with N was cut out.


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