Ash using Aura.

Aura (Japanese: 波導 wave-guiding) is a form of spiritual energy introduced in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. It is described as the essence of every living creature.


In the past, there were Aura Guardians that can sense and control its power while doing good deeds. They also pass on the skills if someone possesses the same power as well. Although the Aura Guardians disappeared from history there are only Riley and Ash in the present time who can use Aura powers and abilities, though Ash chose to continue his Pokémon training.

Abilities of Aura

Aura Guardians have the ability to sense other Aura as well their surroundings, even if they can't see, they can also transfer Aura to others, however, those abilities can be risky. They create barriers and attacks with Aura to protect others or defend them selfs. Aura Guardians can activate Time Flowers also they can read minds and actions from others around them.

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