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|image = [[File:527.jpg|175px]]
|image = [[File:527.jpg|175px]]
|jname = '''ブソン''' ''Buson''
|jname = '''ブソン''' ''Buson''
|age = 35 or more
|age = 25 or more
|hometown = Unknown
|hometown = Unknown
|region = [[Johto]]
|region = [[Johto]]

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(ブソン Buson)
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Johto
Family: Unknown
Friends: Hun
Class: Team Rocket Agent
First Appearance: The Legend of Thunder!

Attila is a member of Team Rocket who appeared along with Hun in The Legend of Thunder.

Attila and Hun are both quite calm in everything they do, from doing missions to retreating. Since Hun is the dominant partner, Attila follows her orders without hesitation.


File:SkarmorySprite.png File:Muk.png
Skarmory Muk


  • Attila and Hun are named after the leader of the Hunnic Empire, Attila the Hun.


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