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Astrid's Absol
アヤカのアブソル Ayaka's Abusoru
Astrid Absol
Trainer: Astrid
Ability: Magic Bounce (as Mega Absol; not yet activated)
Debut: Mega Evolution Special I
Current location: With Astrid

This Absol is a dark-type Pokémon owned by Astrid, whom is capable of Mega Evolution. Astrid describes it as her strongest Pokemon. This Absol bears a necklace with a Absolnite embedded in it.


Mega Evolution Act I 2

Mega Absol and Mega Charizard X clashing.

Astrid used her Absol against Alain and his Charizard in a battle. Charizard used Flamethrower and Absol countered the the attack with Psycho Cut. Absol then used Megahorn but Charizard was able to stop the attack. Astrid then Mega Evolved her Absol into Mega Absol and Alain Mega Evolved his Charizard into Mega Charizard X. Mega Charizard X used Steel Wing and Mega Absol used Megahorn and the two clashed with their attacks. Both continued with using Steel Wing and Megahorn, clashing each other several times again. Mega Charizard then used Dragon Claw and it was able to land on Mega Absol, sending it flying. Mega Charizard X used Flamethrower, badly damaging Mega Absol. Mega Absol then used Dark Pulse but Mega Charizard blocked the attack with Blast Burn and defeated Mega Absol with Blast Burn. Mega Absol returned back to its normal form and Astrid said to Absol that it did a great job.

Known moves

Move Episode
Astrid Mega Absol Megahorn
Psycho Cut Mega Evolution Special I
Megahorn Mega Evolution Special I
Dark Pulse Mega Evolution Special I
Shadow Claw Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

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