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| romaji = Hiougi City
| romaji = Hiougi City
| image = Aspertia City.png
| image = Aspertia City.png
| slogan = ''This is a Aspertia City. A city that reaches for the sky.''
| slogan = ''This is Aspertia City. A city that reaches for the sky.''
| region = Unova
| region = Unova
| routes = ↑ [[Unova Route 19|Route 19]]
| routes = ↑ [[Unova Route 19|Route 19]]

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Aspertia City
ヒオウギシティ Hiougi City
"This is Aspertia City. A city that reaches for the sky."
Location info
Region: Unova
Connecting routes: Route 19
Location of Aspertia City in Unova.
Gym info
Name: Aspertia City Gym
Leader: Cheren
Type(s): Normal
Badge: Basicbadge
Basic Badge
Pokémon Gyms

Aspertia City (Japanese: ヒオウギシティ Hiougi City) is a currently game-exclusive location in Unova, where the player starts his/ her journey in Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. It has a Pokémon Center, a Trainer School that is also the city's Pokémon Gym, and several other miscellaneous buildings.


Main article: Aspertia City Gym
Isshu Pokémon League icon Aspertia Gym Leader Isshu Pokémon League icon
Basicbadge Basic Badge TM Normal TM83 (Work Up)
504 Patrat
Level 11
Type Normal
506 Lillipup
Level 13

Type Normal



  • Aspertia City is the first hometown that is a city.
    • Subsequently, it is the first hometown to contain a Pokémon Center, a Gym, and concrete walkways.
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