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Ash transformed into a Pikachu by Lily.

Ashachu (alternatively spelled as Ashchu) is the name given to Ash by fans when he was accidentally transformed into a Pikachu by a magician by the name of Lily at the end of the episode Hocus Pokémon. Ash remained in this form until the beginning of the next episode As Clear as Crystal, where he was reverted into a human when the spell wore off. 

Though this was a very minor occurrence in the Anime series, it has become a target among some fans, being used in fan-fiction or fan art. Usually, Ashachu commonly makes cameos in the Pokémon series Sinnoh.

After Ash freaked out about becoming a Pikachu, he played with his Pikachu and the other Pokémon. At the end of the episode, Ash - still a Pikachu - was rolling on the floor laughing. However, Ashchu turned back into Ash during the next episode.

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