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Ash Ketchum is the main character of the Pokémon Anime and a trainer from Pallet Town, aspiring to become a Pokémon Master.


Ash wears a new outfit which is different than his previous outfits. He wears a white and blue striped short sleeved loose collared shirt, brown capris with red outlines with baggy pockets and red folded sleeves at the edge of his capris and shades of blue sneakers. His hat is red and black and the Poké Ball design is white and wears a silver Z-Ring on his left wrist.


Since entering the Alola region, Ash is shown to be far more enthusiastic than he did in the Kalos region while at the same time kept his determination and his love for Pokemon. While Ash does retain his competence and experience, not getting upset over losing the Trial Challenges and defeating multiple Pokemon at the same time, he displays a considerably more childish and hyperactive demeanor.


Season 20: Sun & Moon

Ash arrives at the Alola region on a vacation with his Mum, which Mimey won for them. After a nice Sharpedo ride, a run-in with a Bruxish that Lana caught on her line, a race with Grubbin and some bad luck with a Bewear and some racing Tauros, Ash finds the Pokémon School and meets Lillie, Mallow and Sophocles. Mallow mistakes Ash for a student and takes him to see Samson Oak, which conviently leads him to Delia and Mimey.Delia gives the Kantonian Vulpix Egg to Samson and Mallow shows Ash the rest of the school, including the classroom, where they meet Professor Kukui. After the meeting, Kiawe is confronted by Team Skull, who challenge him to a three on one battle, with the prize being his Charizard. Ash jumps in to help, defeating the Salandit and leaving the Zubat and Yungoos to be finished off by Kiawe and Turtonator's Z-Move, Inferno Overdrive! After seeing all of this, and receiving a Z-Ring from none other than Tapu Koko itself, he decides to stay with Professor Kukui and his Rockruff and attend Pokémon School.

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On hand

Pokémon Information
Ash Pikachu
Ash was given Pikachu by Professor Oak as the original Kanto starter Pokemon had been taken. Originally, Pikachu would not listen to Ash and constantly shocked him. However, after accidentally angering a flock of Spearow, Pikachu had a change of heart when he saw Ash defend him. Since then, Pikachu has assisted and been very successful in many of Ash's wins and over time has adopted Ash's mannerisms. Pikachu does not want to be in his Poké Ball so he stays out all the time, often riding on Ash's shoulder or head.
Pokémon Information
Ash Rowlet
Rowlet was found by Ash as it was trying to get food for Toucannon. After Ash save it from falling and giving it food, Rowlet grew attached to Ash, even saving Pikachu from Mimikyu. After getting the Toucannon approval, Rowlet decided to join Ash's team, becoming his first Alolan Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Ash Rockruff
This Rockruff was originally a wild Pokémon living under Kukui's care. In SM015, after seeing how Rockruff formed a strong bond with Ash, Kukui thought it was best for Ash to take Rockruff on his adventures, which it gladly accepts.

Traveling with

Pokémon Information
Rotom Pokédex anime
Rotom Pokédex helps Ash check data on the Pokémon that lives in Alola.
Rotom Pokédex

Ride Pokémon

Pokémon Information
Poké Ride Sharpedo
Ash rode on a Sharpedo when he was having a vacation in Alola.
Pokémon Information
Poké Ride Lapras
Lapras was Ash's Poké Ride while he and his classmates were taking a fishing class.
Pokémon Information
Poké Ride Pelipper
Pelipper acted as Ash's Poké Ride while he was traveling to Akala Island while helping Kiawe with his deliveries.


Alola Trials



  • Unlike the previous anime series, Ash does not wear fingerless gloves with his outfit in Sun & Moon.

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