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Ash room

Ash's room, with the Twinleaf Tournament trophy, the wooden Teddiursa, two Soothe Bells, the Focus Band and his diploma and certificate

The bedroom of Ash Ketchum.


Ash keeps all his stuff in his bedroom.

Awards, badges and trophies


  • Orange League trophy
  • Extreme Pokémon Race trophy
  • Twinleaf Tournament trophy
  • Beauty Contest trophy


  • The Pokémon League Badge, for competing in the Indigo league.

Badges (44)

Frontier Symbols

Ash's Frontier Symbols

Symbols (7)

Ribbons (1)

  • A (half) Terracotta Ribbon

Diplomas and certificates

  • The Pokémon Summer Academy diploma
  • The Squallville PokéRinger competition winners certificate



  • Rubber gloves, given by his mother
  • The broken Poké Ball, shared with Gary Oak
  • Misty's special lure, a gift from his friend Misty
  • A wooden model of a Teddiursa, a gift from his friend May

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