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Ash's Staraptor
Satoshi's Mukuhawk
Ash Staraptor
Trainer: Ash Ketchum
Gender: Male[1]
Ability: Intimidate (Not activated)
Debut: Two Degrees of Separation!
Episode captured: Two Degrees of Separation!
Caught where: Sinnoh Route 202
Current location: At Oak's Lab
Evolved: 11 episodes as Starly
105 episodes as Staravia
Evolves In: A Staravia Is Born!
Pursuing a Lofty Goal!

Ash's Staraptor is one of Ash's Pokémon.


Ash captured Staraptor as a Starly, and it evolved into Staravia when battling Team Rocket. Then, when they were battling Paul in a Pokéringer Contest, Staravia soon evolved into Staraptor and learned Close Combat, defeating Paul's Honchkrow. When Ash finished the Sinnoh League and decided to begin a new start in the Unova region journey, he sent Staraptor to Professor Oak's Lab.


Known moves

Move Episode
Staraptor brave bird
Quick Attack + Two Degrees of Separation!
Wing Attack Two Degrees of Separation!
Whirlwind Two Degrees of Separation!
Aerial Ace + A Staravia Is Born!
Gust - Getting The Pre-Contest Titters!
Brave Bird + Crossing The Battle Line!
Close Combat + Pursuing a Lofty Goal!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actors and actress


  • Though Staraptor is confirmed to be male, in the Czech and Latin American Spanish dub, Staraptor is female.
  • Upon his final evolution, Staraptor became the 50th Pokémon that Ash has obtained, including evolutions, Seaking and Haunter. However, Haunter was not officially his and Seaking was released as part of contest rules.
  • Out of all of Ash's Bird Pokémon, Staraptor took the longest to reach his final form with 116. Pidgeot taking 78, Noctowl being fully evolved upon capture, Swellow taking 76 episodes and Unfezant taking 66 episodes to fully evolve.
  • When Staraptor entered as a Staravia, Staraptor was the second of Ash's Pokémon to evolve during a PokéRinger tournament. The first was Swellow, who entered as a Taillow.
  • Out of all of Ash's Bird Pokemon it's the only one to learn a fighting-type move.


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