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Ash's Snorlax
Satoshi's Kabigon
Ash Snorlax
Name: Ash's Snorlax
Trainer: Ash
Gender: Male
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Snack Attack
Episode captured: Snack Attack
Caught where: Grapefruit Islands
Current location: At Professor Oak's Laboratory
Evolved: Has not evolved
Ash captured Snorlax in the Orange Island when it was stealing Grapefruit from factories on several islands. Ash decided to capture it, he first used Bulbasaur who was flattened by Snorlax's Body Slam then Jigglypuff sang to Snorlax to sleep along with the gang but Ash and Pikachu managed to stay awake long enough for Pikachu to use Thunderbolt and Ash captured Snorlax in a Pokeball.

Since then Snorlax became one of Ash's strongest pokemon, it was later used in the Blackthorn City Gym as well as the Johto League. Ash decided to leave Snorlax with Oak as it was too much to feed, though Professor Oak later developed a Pokeblock that expands into a huge amount of food, so it shouldn't trouble Professor Oak while it's staying with him.

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