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Gentleman's Raticate

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Ash's Raticate
Satoshi's Ratta
Gender: Unknown
Ability: Unknown
Debut: Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Episode captured: Prior to Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Caught where: Kanto
Received in: Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Received from: Unnamed Gentleman
Current location: With the Gentleman
Evolved: Prior to Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Traded to: Ash
Traded for: Ash's Butterfree
Traded In: Battle Aboard the St. Anne
Original trainer: Gentleman
Ash's Raticate was a Pokémon that Ash traded for in Battle Aboard the St. Anne. Ash was so impressed by the fact that Raticate knew Hi Jump Kick, he traded his Butterfree for Raticate. Soon after, Ash began to regret trading away his Butterfree due to their history. Ash traded Raticate back just as the ship sank and trapped Ash and his friends underwater.

Raticates moves are Jump kick, super fang, hyper fang, and tackle.

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