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Male artist in Pokémon: X & Y

Artist-F XY

Female artist in Pokémon: X & Y

Artist is a Trainer Class introduced in Generation IV. They are middle-aged men or young women interested in the subject of art and travel the world to find a masterpiece to draw. They mostly use Pokémon that can "sketch" the player's Pokémon's moves, such as Smeargle, Aipom, or even rare Pokémon like Sigilyph sometimes.

In Pokémon X and Y, a double battle team called the Artist Family can be encountered.


DPPt/HGSS Battle Sprite

BW Battle Sprite



  • They usually challenge the player character to "inspire" them.
  • Generation IV's Artist is holdng a sketchbook.
  • Generation V's Artist is holding an easel and a paintbrush and wearing an apron.

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