Artificial Pokémon are Pokémon created intentionally or unintentionally by humans or other Pokémon and did not originally exist in the wild.

Generation I Pokémon

Magnemite and Magneton

Magnemite, an Electric/Steel-type, which evolves into Magneton, another Electric/Steel-type, have powers that allow them to float from the ground. They also match onto power plants to gain electrical power, giving them their Electric-type. Even though it is not clearly stated that Magnemite was created artificially, they share traits with many artificial Pokémon, like having robotic parts. Magneton have also been depicted in sketches on the Ruins of Alph which states they have been around a long time.

In Generation IV, Magneton gained an evolution into Magnezone.

Grimer and Muk

Grimer which evolves into Muk are stated in the Pokédex to have been created by human waste products and X-Rays from the Moon. Due to being created by toxic waste, this gave them the Poison-type. They can be found in old or dirty places like the Pokémon Mansion and the Castelia Sewers.

Voltorb and Electrode

Voltorb, an Electric-type, which evolves into Electrode, another Electric-type, are stated in the Pokédex to have been born when Pokéballs were invented. This happened when a Pokéball supposedly had a great burst of energy, which gave it enough power to become Voltorb.


Porygon, a Normal-type, is stated to have been made by scientists to explore alternate dimensions in cyberspace. This gives it the ability to travel through devices like computers in order to search them.

In Generation II, Porygon gained an evolution into Porygon2.

In Generation IV, Porygon2 gained an evolution into Porygon-Z.


Mewtwo, a Psychic-type, is stated in the Pokédex to have been created by scientists through DNA splicing in order to make a clone of Mew. This eventually gave it immense power and strength and the tendency to think of any opponent as an enemy.

In Generation VI, Mewtwo gained two Mega Evolutions into Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y.

Generation II Pokémon


Porygon2, a Normal-type, which is the evolution of Porygon is an upgraded version of Porygon. This was done in order for Porygon2 to explore even more alternate dimension than the original Porygon could.

In Generation IV, Porygon2 gained an evolution into Porygon-Z.

Generation III Pokémon

Baltoy and Claydol

Baltoy, a Ground/Psychic-type, which evolves into Claydol, another Ground/Psychic-type, are stated in the Pokédex to have been made from clay a long time ago. They eventually brought to life with Psychic powers which gave them the ability to live.


Castform was created by scientists in order to tell the weather. It can change its Normal-type to the Fire-type in sunny weather, the Ice-type in hail weather or the Water-type in rainy weather.


Banette, a Ghost-type, which evolves from Shuppet, another Ghost-type, was created when its owner threw an old doll out and never came back for it. The doll grew so much hate that it filled with an evil spirit and came to life.


Deoxys, a Psychic-type, is not stated to have been created by humans, but it was created by human activity. It was created when a virus came to Earth by a meteor and eventually mutated due to radioactivity made by humans.

Generation IV

Burmy and Wormadam

Burmy, a Bug-type, which evolves into Wormadam are not technically created by humans, but their Trash Cloak form was created from waste thrown out by humans. This allows Wormadam to become a Bug/Steel-type.


Spiritomb, a Ghost/Dark-type, is made up of the souls of 108 spirits which were all captured by humans and then stored into a keystone, thus, making Spiritomb.


Magnezone, an Electric/Steel-type, is the evolution of Magneton. It possesses the power to float off the ground and it latches onto power plants giving it electric energy just like its pre-evolution.


Porygon-Z, a Normal-type, is the evolution of Porygon2. It was upgraded to explore even more dimensions than Porygon2, but was infected with a virus and eventually lost this power.


Rotom, an Electric/Ghost-type, though not created by humans, can change its form with manmade objects. It can change into its Mow Form (Electric/Grass), Heat Form (Electric/Fire), Wash Form (Electric/Water), Frost Form (Electric/Ice) and its Fan Form (Electric/Flying).

Generation V Pokémon

Trubbish and Garbodor

Trubbish, a Poison-type, which evolves into Garbodor, another Poison-type, was created by trash and toxic waste, which brought it to life.

Golett and Golurk

Golett, a Ground/Ghost-type, which evolves into Golurk, another Ground/Ghost-type, were created as statues a long time ago. This follows the legend it is based on, the golem, which was a clay creature used to protect people in ancient times.


Genesect, a Bug/Steel-type, similarly to Mewtwo, was created by scientists to enhance an ancient Pokémon. It eventually broke out of the lab it was in with the many versions of itself.

Generation VII Pokémon

Alolan Rattata and Alolan Raticate

Alolan Rattata, a Dark/Normal-type, which evolves into Alolan Raticate, another Dark/Normal-type, were not technically created by humans, but they were driven to become Dark-type due to the Yungoos and Gumshoos population, which made them nocturnal in order to survive. They also ate fattier foods that were thrown out by humans which made Alolan Raticate fatter with bigger cheeks.

Alolan Meowth and Alolan Persian

Alolan Meowth, a Dark-type, which evolves into Alolan Persian, another Dark-type, were not technically created by humans, but they were imported to Alola in order to treat royalty. This gave them a selfish and greedy nature, making them the Dark-type.

Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk

Alolan Grimer, a Poison/Dark-type, which evolves into Alolan Muk, another Poison/Dark-type, which were imported to Alola were used to control the garbage problem. After eating more garbage then usual, they grew more toxic then their relatives in Kanto.

Type:Null and Silvally

Type:Null, a Normal-type, and Silvally, another Normal-type, were created by the Aether Foundation in order to defeat different Ultra Beasts which is states in the "Beast Killer" project pages in Aether Paradise. According to Gladion, he named Silvally.


Magearna, a Steel/Fairy-type, has been stated to have been created 500-years ago by humans. According to the Pokédex, the Soul Heart located in its chest is the actual entity itself.

Clone Pokémon

From Pokémon: The First Movie.


  • So far, Generation VI is the only generation without any official artificial Pokémon.
  • Generation VII introduced the most artificial Pokémon with 9 and Generation VI introduced the least artificial Pokémon with 0.








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