This Masquerain is a bug/flying-type Pokémon owned by Archie.


As Surskit

Surskit was with Guile, who attacked Noland and decided to hurry and catch Jirachi for his plans.[1]

Just as Emerald attempted to catch Jirachi, Surskit used Psybeam, which prevented the Poké Ball from closing and capturing Jirachi. Surskit also managed to destroy the Ball and emit a sap, which limited Guile's enemies' movement. Since Guile failed to reach Jirachi, he and Surskit disappeared.[2] A day after, Guile and Surskit reappeared to catch Jirachi.[3] Eventually, Surskit and Guile faced Jirachi, whom Guile managed to catch and show to the Frontier Brains.[4] To avoid the clash with the Frontier Brains, Guile had sent the rental Pokémon of the Battle Factory while he and Surskit disappeared.[5]

From a computer inside the Battle Tower, Guile and Surskit found Emerald, Noland, Ruby and Sapphire have arrived.[6] Thus, from the computer, Guile and Surskit taunted the group, since the latter triggered the Battle Tower's challenge for his enemies.[7] Guile, who was in fact Archie, managed to have Surskit force Jirachi to open the eye on its belly, which made Archie's wish true, as a sea Kyogre was summoned.[8] Despite this, Archie and Surskit faced Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.[9]

Surskit was with Archie, who, after having sea Kyogre drown the Frontier Brains, faced Emerald, claiming trash like his friends or Pokémon should be discarded away. Emerald disagreed and shouted out he likes Pokémon and people that like them, too.[10] Even after Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver were dispelled of their petrification, Archie and Surskit faced them all, as he had the Battle Tower's Pokémon attack the Pokédex Holders.[11] Since the Pokédex Holders refused to back down and Red's Poliwrath, Poli, surrounded Guile with the illusions, while Gold's Politoed, Polibo, attacked Archie, Archie sent Walrein and Surskit, the latter evolving into a Masquerain.[12]

As Masquerain

Despite evolving, Poli and Polibo stroke at Walrein and Masquerain, knocking them down.[12]

Just as the sea Kyogre was defeated, Archie wanted to retrieve his armor back. Thus, Masquerain emerged from the water in front of Emerald, to which Archie threatened Emerald if he moved, while Archie was searching for the armor.[13]

Known moves

Move Episode/Chapter
Guile Hideout's Masquerain Psybeam as Surskit
Psybeam Skirting Around Surskit II
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.