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アポロ Apollo
(アポロ Apollo)

Hometown: Unknown
Region: Unknown, most likely Johto
Family: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Class: Team Rocket Executive
First Appearance: Pokémon Gold and Silver
In FireRed and LeafGreen,&nbsp

Archer made his first appearance as an unamed Team Rocket Admin along with another admin presumably Ariana. He is the leader of the Sevii Islands branch of Team Rocket, and accuses the player of spreading rumors that Team Rocket has disbanded, something he does not believe. When the player defeats him, he recognizes the Earth Badge and accepts that Giovanni has been defeated, finally disbanding Team Rocket, but he vows to find him and resurrect Team Rocket someday. The computer he was working on mentions the effect of radio waves on Pokémon evolution, ironically foreshadowing Team Rocket's actions three years later.

He eventually became the head of Team Rocket and one of the executives when Giovanni is gone in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. In the games, he appears in the Goldenrod Radio Tower as an opponent. Once defeated, Archer disbands Team Rocket for good as he believes that Giovanni has left them for good. When he leaves, the Director comes up from the elevator and gives the player a Rainbow Wing or a Silver Wing depending on the version of the game.In Gold, Silver and Crystal the same thing happens although Archer, like the other executives, was unidentified and shared the same sprite as the other executives.

Much like his fellow executives, Archer receives a major redesign since his first appearance in Gold, Silver and Crystal. His hair colour changes to Teal and his uniform from black to white.


1st Battle

File:HGSS Koffing Sprite.png File:Houndoom HGSS.png File:Houndour HGSS.png
Koffing Houndoom Houndour
Level 35 Level 38 Level 35

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