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For other variants of Houndoom belonging to Archer, see Archer's Houndoom.
Archer's Houndoom
アポロのヘルガー Apollo's Herugaa
Archer's Houndoom Adventures
Trainer: Archer
Debut: All About Arceus V

This Houndoom is a dark/fire-type Pokémon owned by Archer.


When at the Sinjoh Ruins, Houndoom and the Executives' other Pokémon tried to pull Arceus to the Mystri Stage.[1][2]

During a flashback of Petrel's. Houndoom was seen choking Petrel with its tail on Archer's command after Petrel explained to Archer why he lost to Silver.[3]

Known moves

None of Houndoom's moves are known.

See also

Archer's Houndoom (JBA)


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