For the variant appearing in the games, see Arcade Star Dahlia.

Arcade Star Dahlia is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is the Frontier Brain of the Battle Arcade in the Battle Frontier in the Sinnoh region.


Dahlia has blue eyes and black hair. She wears a yellow top with long sleeves, a navel piercing, blue jeans and yellow high heels.


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Platinum arc

She appeared in the Platinum Chapter of the Pokémon Adventures Manga. Platinum was one of Dahlia's Challenger.

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On hand


Platinum's Empoleon
Empoleon *

Platinum's Rapidash
Rapidash *

Platinum's Lopunny
Lopunny *


  • Dahlia's belt has the Battle Frontier logo on it as a pattern.
  • Dahlia is named after the Dahlia Flower which is native to Mexico, Central America, and Colombia.


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