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Aqua Resort アクアリゾート
Aqua Resort
Aqua Resort Ranger3
Connecting locations
North Sophian Road
South None
West None
East None
Location of Aqua Resort in Oblivia

The Aqua Resort (Japanese: アクアリゾート Aqua Resort) is a location in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs. It is a peaceful resort located in southeast Sophian Island, and is the third of three civilized areas that the player visits during their adventure.

To the north is Sophian Road, which connects to the Canal and Oblivia Ruins in the northwest, and Mt. Sorbet in the north. The Resort can only be accessed by flying, as Sophian Road is the only road out of town. Aqua Resort is also the only place on Sophian Island that players can land, except for when landing in the Oblivia Ruins as required by the story.

Aqua Resort has many older inhabitants, more than Cocona Village or Tilt Village. One of them is a rug weaver, Weber, whose house is strikingly plain compared to the houses in the resort. Before the presence of the Sky Fortress is discovered by the player, some of the Societea's members can be seen here.

This is also where Supurna will call Pokémon caught in the sky so they can be used on land.


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