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The Aqua Agent is a character appearing in Pokémon: Advanced.


Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire

The Aqua Agent disguised himself as a Devon Corporation employee in order to steal two capsules. Max and Mr. Stone noticed the man and followed him through the building, up to the fire hazard stairs. Max accidentally tripped over, altering the Aqua Agent, who climbed to the top. There, he was cornered by Ash, May and Brock, as well as Mr. Stone and Max. The Aqua Agent sent Crawdaunt to battle, distracting everyone and allowing him to escape. Team Rocket jumped and hanged onto him, causing the Aqua Agent to drop them and the test tubes. The Aqua Agent escaped and took off his disguise.

The agent fled and infiltrated into Mr. Briney's house, where he had Crawdaunt intimidate to hurt Peeko. This forced Mr. Briney to yell at May and her friends and tell them to leave, who were hoping to sail away to Dewford Town with his boat. Mr. Briney was disgusted by the Aqua Agent, who forced Mr. Briney to "lend" his old boat to meet up with his associates. Mr. Briney claimed the Agent could still turn himself to Officer Jenny, an advice, which the Agent dismissed. The heroes realized the Aqua Agent went to Mr. Briney and ran off to Mr. Briney's house. However, the Agent sent Crawdaunt to battle. Just then, Team Rocket interfered and sucked away Peeko and Pikachu. Brock's Lotad defeated Team Rocket, allowing the Agent to escape on the old boat with Crawdaunt and Peeko. Mr. Briney used a ship to catch up with the Aqua Agent, who had Crawdaunt attack the ship. While Pikachu managed to destroy the rock, where the Aqua Agent was to meet up with others and Mr. Briney forced the Agent's ship to fly over the other side of the rock, the Team Aqua submarine appeared. While Mr. Briney managed to retrieve Peeko, the Aqua Agent entered the submarine and fled.


On hand

Episode appearances

Episode Title
AG017 Stairway to Devon
AG018 On a Wingull and a Prayer!


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